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  1. Oil Lose

    Africa Twin
    Hello all Proud owner of a RD7A I'm suffering for an excessive oil lose, I fill the reservoir up to the max mark on the dipstick and 200 miles later the oil is half gone The oil appears to be leaking from one of the overflow tubes whilst parked on the side stand (although this anecdotal...
  2. Motorcycle Vagabonds - Ride around the World

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Around the World on Two Wheels, Vagabond Style We have dreamed of it for many years, until we finally plucked up the courage to leave it all behind. After 3 ½-years travelling around the world on Honda Transalps we are now back and ready to reminisce about the 114,000 miles that have passed...
  3. Rider modes

    Hi, I took the TA to work yesterday. It was frosty so I selected the correct rider mode, adjusted the screen for the speed I would be travelling, adjusted the suspension, de selected, the traction control, selected launch control, adjusted the lean control abs etc:toothy10: Nah not really I...
  4. Bike Trip 2015- anyone free??!

    OK people back on grid and musing over the idea of a trip- with people I dont! Sniper will be putting in an appearance-he will have a passport by then! What I'm looking for- 1.People happy to be filmed- it will be again released on Youtube 2.People prepared to have a go at...
  5. opinion crf250l

    CRF - New Forum!
    Whats the overall opinion now on the crf250l? Its been out a while.... Is it reliable and easy to work on? What about travelling on it with full luggage as this is what id be doing.. Been thinking of buying something smaller and lighter but not had a chance to ride one yet..
  6. Tyres for the Trans Siberian highway Varadero

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Travelling next year from Ireland to Estonia and then across Russia to Mongolia. As little off road as possible. Bike is a 2000 Varadero SD01 What are the best options for tyres. I have a set of Karoo on at the moment and I doubt they will see 2000 miles. Return is via Georgia and Turkey if...
  7. BMFshow

    anyone goin to the BMF show next week....were travelling from durham friday afternoon how much is it to camp for the weekend ....thanks
  8. Norn Iron.....St Patricks Day run

    For any Alp riders or any motorcycle riders, who fancy a ride out on St Patricks Day, CMA (Christian Motorcycle Association) are having a run up the Antrim coast and back inland. Meeting at McDonalds beside Sprucefield, Lisburn, 9.30am and travelling on from there. A donation of £5 per bike is...
  9. PLEASE SIGN this petition and keep this scumbag behinmd bars for his full sentence

    Taken from a MAG email this morning , this **** should rot in jail forever, anyone that leaves any human in that situation should never be allowed out in public again! You may have heard about the death of Jade Clark, a 16-year-old who was killed when she was hit by Brian Hampton, on...
  10. Wet Wet Wet Glos & Wilts

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    As the weather was decent I went for a trundle through the lanes in Glos & Wilts around the source of the Avon and Thames. By this afternoon the floods over the roads appear to have subsided, I went around Badminton where the/a source of the Avon rises the normally dry valley was well watered...
  11. Replacement rear shock options for RD08 Domminator.

    Dominator / FMX
    Like the title says.. I've got a 2001 Dominator. The rear shock is dead.. I want this bike for travelling on. The shock needs to be able to take abuse and the bike will have luggage on it.. Hagon make one... £300 (Reports of them failing a lot) Wilbers make one.. £360 Does the...
  12. Travelling to the continent and beyond....

    Hi All I am interested in any knowledge, advice or just general opinion on travel insurance when travelling abroad. I need comprehensive insurance to return me, my pillion (if traveling) and recovery of the bike to home from what should be Morocco. Travelling via Spain. I have bike insurance...
  13. Travel advice for the Pyrenees

    Hi folks, I'm sure there's plenty of posts out there on travelling to the Pyrenees but I'm looking for routes and tracks that both myself and Fiona could use. We're hoping to travel from Santander to Andorra and back by the best (quietest) road s. We would also like to do a bit of offroad too...
  14. Vietnam bike rental?

    Hi all,I am off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks this christmas and was thinking of doing a few days travelling on a rental bike around Da nang. Has anyone been there and done it? Any names of places, experiences etc would be greatfully recieved.Thanksandy
  15. Android Phone Security

    Settings update: This may be of interest to all Android users. The most important thing you can do with your Android phone right now | Computerworld Blogs Very simple and easy security update that has been included by Google recently...ish. Well worth doing if you are travelling, or indeed at...
  16. Looking to purchase my first TransAlp 700. After some advice

    Hi all. I'm from Coventry in the UK but have been travelling to Ukraine over the past few years as I am a photographer. I already own a VFR1200 which is a fantastic touring bike but would not cope with the poor roads in Eastern Europe. I want to keep the VFR and am considering a TransAlp 700...
  17. Tips for Romania

    I am planning to spend two weeks travelling from Greece to Romania through Bulgary and back I intend to see the villages of Dracula and pass through Transfagarasan and Transalpina Does anyone has any tips or advices for trips and routes that I should go?
  18. NX250 green laning

    Dominator / FMX
    I took an NX250 out green laning this weekend, just light lanes on Salisbury plain, but we covered about 140 miles including the trip there and back (and the Hog Raost rally we went for) and I am so impressed with this little bike! We were travelling with an XR400 and to keep up he (he's been...
  19. Picos De Europa, where to go? Maps?

    Wifey and I are off to the Picos in a couple of weeks. Catch the ferry for Santander on the 21st. How awful. We are looking at not travelling massive mileages, her idea not mine, and just relaxing and pottering about. I would like to visit Ribadesella along the coast, passed through there years...
  20. How to fit this?

    How to.....
    What's the best way to fit one of these? I want to fit it so it is similar to the trip computers that come on RD07's and later RDO4's- i have an early RD04. It's a 5 function voltmeter, i thought it would be good to have a temperature gauge for travelling as well as a voltmeter.