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  1. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    1999 Honda SL230 7000 miles Excellent condition. MOT runs until Jan 2021. Comes with heated grips, screen and rack [not the tail bag]. Oil changed every 1000 kms. Recent battery. 85 mpg. geared for 50mph cruising. Bridgestone TW rear tyre and Tracker front with lots of tread left. Located near...
  2. Transalp
    I'm currently running on a pair of Anakee 3's on my XL700 Transalp which have been great. I've just had my MOT (failed on headstock bearings and too much play in the clutch) and as an advisory they've stated that the tyres are worn close to the legal limit. Now, I'm going to query this when I...
  3. Varadero
    My previous tyres were Bridgestone Battle Wings which lasted about 5000 miles. After consulting the great and wise on this forum I switched to running Metzeler Tourance Next which I'm pleased with. I have about 4000 miles on these at the moment and about 3 mm of tread on the front and back. I'm...
  4. Transalp
    hi all thought i would say hello and post a pic of my new project thats if pic works first thing i need to do is get the key to turn in the ignition lock as it wont budge and now having seen the ebay gumtree tread think i may have paid too much was covered in moss but people i got off gave it...
  5. For Sale / Wanted
    I bought a spare rear wheel for the dominator last week and it came with this tyre i don't want it so i thought someone here may have need of it, if not its going in the bin Its part worn with about half tread left 120/90 17 rear tyre if you can collect it, its free or if you want me to post it...
  6. Dominator / FMX
    Bit random went for a ride this evening, and whilst riding felt like a wobble from the rear sort of, checked tyre for air checked over shocks etc for anything obvious nothing rode steady back from friend only 5 miles didn't seem as bad but still there. Feels like the equivalent of rear tyre...
  7. For Sale / Wanted
    For sale Continental TKC 90/90 18 Twinenduro with 70% tread and in good shape. Asking price £25ono plus shipping. Please PM if interested. Many thanks Nic
  8. For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, I've a front (90/90-21) and rear (140/80-17) off of my Africa Twin. I won't use them as I've gone down the TKC route. Excellent tyres for road or light trail. Would prefer collection if possible as no idea how much it would cost to post/courier. I'm in Banstead, Surrey. £50 for the pair...
  9. Dominator / FMX
    I have rarely posted a thread on the forum, but really believe I should share my experience with the Avon Distanza tyres I've been using on the FMX for the last 4 months. Maybe other FMX owners have experienced front wheel slip out when cornering and the same on rear occasionally. I have been...
  10. Varadero
    What I think happened is that I had a slow puncture (thanks to the visible 'dig' in the tread) and because I was running slightly flat the tyre wore more on one side. Any ideas? This is the tourance which was new for my Morocco trip last year and has done exactly 10k.
  11. For Sale / Wanted
    Thor quadrant boots, size uk 9, £55 ono. all straps and locks in place good condition plenty of tread just too tight for my broader than broad feet lol, thought id give you guys first offer before putting on ebay. Thanks for looking.
  12. XRV Swap Shop
    Just on the off chance. I'm looking to swap my 07 650 Transalp for a DRZ400 similar year in good condition. Not the supermoto one. Can send anyone pics of it just give me your email. It's got a dent in the tank but an undented tank is provided. Good condition regularly serviced. Fuel exhaust...
  13. Varadero
    Read some discussion on this issue, but can't find the tread. Where do I get gaiters 43mm/63mm and 195mm long of Honda OEM quality ? Anyone fitted to Varadero ? Anything to look out for when disassembling the front legs, could they become different length / not aligned ?
  14. Africa Twin
    The front tyre on my newly acquired A/T is shot,it's a Bridgestone Trail Wing TW101,the rear is a TW152 which still has a fair bit of tread,looking at the price of a replacement TW101 I can get a pair of Mita E-08's for not much more,are they any good? I will be doing mostly road work with the...
  15. For Sale / Wanted
    As title, I'm after a tkc80/c6006/t63/trailwing etc in size 120/80-18 or 120/90-18 for a spare bike. Ideally with 50%+ tread remaining. Im based near worcester or I can sort a courier to collect. Ideally tubeless but tubed is ok. Thanks Jim
  16. Varadero
    I was having lunch the other day and sat down on the gutter beside my bike in the sun to eat lunch.. Just happened to look at the front tyre and realised it had some cracks in it. Firstly from most of the tread blocks towards the centre of the tyre, but also around the circumference of the...
  17. For Sale / Wanted
    90/90-21 Front Pirelli MT21 130/80-17 Rear Mitas EO9 Both tube type with plenty of Tread life £30 the pair pick up only :thumbright:
  18. Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just took delivery of my k60 Scouts... First thoughts are, WOW, these mothers have serious amounts of tread depth. The Tourances I have fitted have lasted well with over 7,000 miles on them and probably a few more to go, but I was disappointed with the amount of tread depth on them when new...
  19. Africa Twin
    Just thought I had sorted discs then I realized split in tyre near rim gutted as there was at least 6mm of tread left on my anakee front so I am going to try the anakee 3`s anybody any thoughts on what would suit best 95% road use but like to try the odd lane.
  20. Chatter
    probably the closest i've ever come to actually physically banging my head against a wall through sheer frustration at my own natural stupidity! came in from a whizz round on the bike last saturday, it was evening, getting bloody cold & light was failing fast. I pushed the bike into the...
1-20 of 35 Results