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  1. What telephone phone?

    I am looking to buy myself a new telephone to make telephone calls on. I dont want any bells and whistles smartphone bow locks, just a phone to make calls on.:thumbup: Any suggestions...I might go mad and spring for a flip phone like they used to have in star trek.:D:D:D
  2. For Sale: TREK 1.1

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'll put it on here a couple of Days before E-bay. Due to buying a Giant Defy 1, i'm selling my Trek. Very good condition size 56 cm 16 Speed Lugs for Mudguards and rear Rack Comes with a full set of new/unused Brake pads a spare 100 mm Stem and a couple of spare rear Cassettes 28 Tooth...
  3. Does anyone want to test ride a Tiger 800 for me in Staffordshire ?

    Im feeling lost without a bike and I think Im going to go ahead and find a replacement ahead of finding out if the insurance are going to payout on my KTM 990 theft. Iv'e just found a Triumph Tiger 800XC that Im fairly sure I'm going to buy. Iv'e put a deposit down and I expect to collect it in...
  4. Found: Low mileage 2004 Transalp on Gumtree

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    As it says, low mileage (9367 miles - my own '04 TA is on 32,000 and is not exactly over used) 2004 Transalp for sale on Gumtree. Up in Scotland so might be a bit of a trek for some. A bargain for someone if it is genuine, with all the extras that it has. Nothing to do with me, just trawling...
  5. Welcome to Scotland

    Saw Skyfall at the weekend. Albert Finney's Scottish accent had to rival the original Scotty from Star Trek. I think Low Flyer should have had the part.:D