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  1. Africa Twin
    The digital trip on my 2003 07A has started to play games. The Clock works ok and the speedometer is fine. The digital trips work ok upto about 35 mph, then stops recording. When the speed drops it starts working again. I have checked all the plugs and sockets and opened up the trip meter and...
  2. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi,I like to share with you few pictures from my and my friend trip to Balkans on honda transalp. Enjoy Wysłane z iPhone za pomocą Tapatalk
  3. For Sale / Wanted
    Size LARGE Selling as i dont use it and have another tour x, its in excellent condition with only a slight mark on the back where it was resting on the wall on the shelf. There is a stuck on GO Pro mount which can easily be removed. The Senna intercom does NOT come with it and will be taken...
  4. Transalp
    Hello All, longtime lurker first time posting. Had my Transalp since Christmas, just taken my first ever road trip to Spain, pulled in to Salamanca and after parking up look what was next to me. Knew it was gonna be a good trip then! Met loads of other bikers and everyone agreed the roads are...
  5. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi. I'm looking for a Honda XR 250 or Yamaha TTR 250 for a trip. I live in Manchester but willing to travel for the right bike. Thanks, Jeremy
  6. Africa Twin
    hello guys, Me and my mate are planing to do a trip to Mongolia next year in May, so we are starting slowly over the winter to prepare my old RD04, so I was wondering what I should put most attention into preparing bike and what spare parts I should take with me? I would appreciate any advice Val
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    This is a video from a trip two weeks before It was very cold but the pictures unique
  8. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Piel Island trip - YouTube
  9. Transalp
    Hi folks Who knows very roughly how long i could expect to get from a set of tkc 80,s on my TA 650 used mostly on road but odd bits of soft roading?
  10. Varadero
  11. Austin's Adventures
    I buggered up the polls and there were two threads which I have now merged, so some things may be out of order, but I thought it worth keeping it all in one place. Given the weather conditions in Galloway and the remote prospect of a thaw it may be prudent on safety and enjoyment grounds to...
  12. Moto Guzzi
    ITALIAN MOTOR magazine: V7 Scrambler from Portugal
  13. Dominator / FMX
    any-one got any experience of running thier dommie with out the oil seperator i was considering by passing it and run crack case straight into air box.?? any one got any thoughts. oh my reason for doing it was to shed un-needed stuff. preping her for morrocco trip
  14. Chatter
    Hi Guys Just a quick one to say there's a new Blog up on are site! The TransAlp Tracey Brothers Many Thanks TTB1 Dan
  15. Africa Twin
    Hi, last time I meet two people on Africa Twin. I made movie about them. You can watch it on: Honda Africa Twin Big trip. Please watch and comment. Pawel
  16. Chatter
    Cool art work. 18 hours of posing and being painted is dedication. Body Artist Trina Merry Makes Motorcycles Out Of Nude Models here's a taste
  17. Africa Twin
    Anybody have any experience with these cans? Sure do look pretty?
  18. Chatter
    A very nice Tri Colour passed my Lorry today in Bath, Is it anyone from here? I know it is a bit of marmite paint scheme,but i think its the nicest by far :D
1-18 of 19 Results