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  1. 84 XR 350 engine removal.

    Hello everyone, I'm having a difficult time removing my 350's engine. I've followed the manual and have removed everything and I've even removed all the engine mounts. However, when I try to remove the lower left engine bolt it doesn't have enough room to come out before it hits the frame...
  2. Batzen Screen Adjuster - CRF1000L - Anyone got one?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Still struggling with the screen on my new AT; Stock screen looks great but I get bad buffering above 50mph, my lower Powerbronze screen has no buffering, but no wind protection either :( I am thinking of getting the Batzen Screen adjuster, anyone got one and is it any good? I am 5ft...
  3. How to remove carb needle from holder?

    Africa Twin
    Hi I have an rd7a (2003) and im in the process of a carb overhaul. Can't get the friggen needle out of the needle holder (black slide block that's attached to the diaphragm) The heinz manual say insert a 4mm screw, and then just pull. The screw goes in happy, but the needle holder seems...
  4. Sticky Gearlever

    Africa Twin
    Hello lads. So today I found that my RD07 has a new trick up her sleeve. Cruising to a stop in first gear and then wanting to tap up into neutral is impossible. The gearlever feels well and truly welded into first gear. Cut the engine and she slides into N like butter. Am I missing something...
  5. RD04 RHS Mirror

    Africa Twin
    So here's the RHS (driver's side :p) mirror seems to be set up for someone who's about 5'4" (I need to duck right down in order to use it) and I can't seem to get it into a better position. Is there a trick or technique that can be used in order to angle it up? The mirror rotates but...
  6. refit RD4 airfilter box Q

    Africa Twin
    What is the trick for getting the filter box into the frame? From left or right side or from the back? Don't want to take more things apart than nessesary.
  7. RD07 Centre stand Impossible?!? Broken, or missing a trick?

    Africa Twin
    All, Since getting my RD07 a few weeks back, I have not been able to successfully put the bike in the centre stand once! It looks to me like the 'lever' part that you press down on is missing, so you have nothing to put your foot onto! I've had plenty of heavier bikes before and never...
  8. colour of dot 4

    Guys, I have recently flushed my dot 4 on both the alp and my other motorcycle(FJR). the colour of the old fluid on the alp was a red colour, nearly like wine....this is after a garage should have done the fluids themselves 18 months ago...the colour of the fluid on my FJR was simply slightly...
  9. AT RD04 rocker removal

    Africa Twin
    What's the process for removing rocker covers to RD04 1993 with carbs removed and engine still in frame. Had a go this pm but no joy. Have searched the forum but nothing immediate shown - somebody must have had a go at this so what's the trick. Regards Linward
  10. Moving away from stock?

    Africa Twin
    So far, so good - everything on my bike is stock apart from the battery (Motobatt) and chain. A LOT! of new Honda bits from Ling's, and very little else; one or two things that you'd have to look closely to spot ;) I guess, I can't keep this up, I'm going to have to go with modern parts and...
  11. Starter motor issue ....

    Africa Twin
    Hi all. Last couple days have issue with starter motor ( RD4 60k ml ) won't turn over, I can't hear relay but starter stuck, tap with hammer dose trick :). So I couple questions ... 1st in the manual set you need take down pipes to get access to take starter off , is that mast or can get off...
  12. Help with exhaust studs

    Dominator / FMX
    The Dominator is fighting me at every turn! :( Now two of the exhaust studs have broken off leaving about 1cm clear of the head - actually everything exposed beyond the nut just crumbled away at the slightest touch. Not sure what to do next as there is not enough clear to even contemplate...
  13. Video - Old Dogs, New Tricks

    Video re-imagining three iconic 1960's British bikes - Triumph Bonneville, Triumph Trident and BSA A65 - Old Dogs, New Tricks Make sure that you watch right the very end of the credits. :thumbup: 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam...
  14. T100 goes LTD

    Triumph Bonneville T100 Sondermodell Will a change in colors do the trick?
  15. What do you use instead of a Centre Stand?

    I know this seems like a dumb question. I've had bike lifts, hydraulic and wind up style one's, but I've moved to a way smaller place, gotten a smaller bike (XR 125) and I don't really have room for a full size lift. There's no easy way to get a centre stand onto the XR, so I'm looking for the...
  16. Newbie from Scotland / PD06 with CDI problems

    Hi all, Joined the forum to pick the brains of all those with knowledge of all things Transalp :D I've got an original 1987 Tranny which has developed the CDI problem on one cylinder, I've identified the faulty box, tried the cut open/resolder trick, didn't work some of the circuit board came...
  17. Stafford Motorcycles - Another high priced example!

    Africa Twin
    Honda XRV750 AFRICA TWIN. FULLY OVERLAND PREPARED. ONE OFF BIKE | eBay I see Stafford Motorcycles bought Overland Ollie's Yellow AT which was advertised a few weeks ago on Autotrader at £2500 Not a bad mark up to £4595!!! Are we all missing a trick here?
  18. Just got an XR650R but I don't know how to start it !!! :(

    Today I had to give up after 20 mins of kicking. My right thigh is going to end up a lot bigger than my left! The previous owner says I have to find the TDC before kicking, but he can't explain how I should find it. After a while, the carb gets flooded, and when leaning to the left, quite a...
  19. Kids today... My 14 year old nephew!

    Kids today!!! I'm posting these vids because I am so impressed with my 14 year old nephew, who has taught himself to drive diggers. This is just a titchy mini-digger, but he has also been driving humungous car crusher types! Mini Digger Vs Egg - YouTube Mini Digger Glass Bottle Trick -...
  20. Removing windscreen

    I've bought a taller windscreen for my 1992 PD06 Transalp (along with some other accessories). It looks like an easy job to replace the original windscreen by simply unscrewing the 4 screws and the reverse order with the new windshield. The screws don't seem to come out, though. They seem to...