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  1. 1990 rear wheel on a 1996 Transalp

    Im wondering if anyone knows if a 1990 rear wheel for the transalp fits the 1996 model,.. its tricky to get hold of a non corroded wheel these days,.. and I may just have found one!!:p
  2. 80MPH. How far in one hour?

    Clearly it's a tricky question for some people Blonde explains MPH - YouTube
  3. Here's my Blackie

    Africa Twin
    This is my '96 AT. I've had it since March and I'm her 4th owner. I've done the bike over from top to bottom, killing all the rust I could see. I've cleaned and painted the exhaust and leading pipes, changed the front rim and spokes, repainted the front brake discs, repainted the instrument...
  4. Lightswitch asssembly

    Hi, my lightswitch is going out ... high/low beam is very tricky .. gets stuck very often even when using tricks as silicone spray, WD40 etc .. now the left/right signal light is nackered too ... and I cant keep fiddeling with this when i am supposed to observe the traffic ... Anyway, enjoy...
  5. New Dommie!!...& Speedo Question

    Dominator / FMX
    OK, so I have my new Dommie, and she's great (see attached pic)! However, she is a Euro import model so runs in kph. It presently has one of those stickers on which convert the speedo roughly into mph, but as one member on here has said...they are quite difficult to view in the dark, and are...
  6. Digger Custom Motorcycle Seats

    Recommended Dealers/Service Providers/Campsites
    Just had the seat from my VFR project beautifully recovered by Dave Harding (Digger Custom Motorcycle Seats), based in Newport (South Wales). He's done a fantastic job and it's going to put the rest of the bike to shame; £60 for a basic recover, which actually involved lots of stitching and...
  7. Laos and Cambodia by Africa Twin

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok, have fully recovered from the China trip, and have more or less caught up on everything on the home front. Time to roll baby ! This time I wanted to head over to Laos, and make one final attempt to get to the top of Lima 85. Then head to south Laos, into Cambodia,then end up in Pattaya. The...
  8. Just moochin' about.

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Weather for Sunday looked good for a change, so me and HUDDERS went out for a mooch round some local lanes that I had'nt been on for years. We met up near Rawtenstall headed down towards Rochdale then on to Rooley moor road, a track that goes guessed it.........Rooley moor...
  9. Here we go !!!

    Africa Twin
    Well the bits for my beast are coming together; just waiting fo the tricky bearings that match the CR stemm to the AT steering head
  10. Bead Breaking, with tyre levers

    Africa Twin
    Top Tip for all you AT pilots (I was going to put this in bike tech, but guess it's really only of use to AT owners, all other off-road bikes have rims that make it easy to change tyres). I have a set of Buzzetti tyre levers bought off ebay which I'm taking with us on our trip (the nice...
  11. Transande

    I've just got back from escorting a group of journalists on a trek across the Andes in Salta Province, Argentina. We were on sections of the famously treacherous road 'La Cuarenta', detouring off onto dry riverbeds and through tight canyons. We were in 4x4's I'm afraid - it would have been...
  12. New Graves Website

    I'm in the process of ordering some goods from this lot at the moment,bit tricky they can't do PAYPAL as paypal won't/can't let them draw monies out of their accounts,only send money abroad with them (weird eh?confirmed woth paypal myself) so gotta do bank transfer tomorrow. Anyhoo they have...
  13. AT = Exhaust

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys. Second post, Been lurking for a while and checking out everything. Received a great deal of help for my first post so thankful. Rebuilding my '98 and wanna check about the exhaust question everybody has asked so many times. Can I fit any...
  14. Kenwood TK 3201 radio mod

    Mechanical Advice
    Firstly I cannot condone breaking the law in any way and as such I cannot recommend doing the following modification ;) . If you proceed to do this then it is entirely at your own risk and you need to check if it breaks any laws for your area first. If you use an Autocom system and a Kenwood...
  15. Joining wires... any neat solutions?

    Mechanical Advice
    Been fiddling around trying to wire my Trailtech Vapor into the existing loom, come to the conclusion there's no easy way and that I need to cut some wires then connect to the Vapor. Problem is I want to find a neat way of splicing two wires. The Trailtech has some neat mini-crimp ferrules...
  16. Ford water crossing in N.Ireland

    Great Roads/Routes
    Hi everyone is this the only offical " Road Signed " Ford in N.Ireland it is in Warrenpoint . The G.P.S. Location is N 54.06.293 .... W 006.13.755 . It is only about ten feet wide about eighteen inches deep but has got a very rocky bottom quite tricky to cross . fw750x
  17. The Berwyns

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Some photos from a late evening jaunt in the Berwyns. Setting off along the Wayfarer Progressively rockier and rockier Some short sections of planking Looking back along the trail The summit of the Wayfarer trail A tricky descent on Hen Graig
  18. Team XRV Rally spares

    With a trailer to carry them, what spares, tools and other bits and pieces should we take to the Cambrian? I think we have ATs and TAs going, what do you think we might break? If we do break it does it need to be fixed there, or should it wait 'till the bike is home? This is a cue for all...
  19. Givi Engine bars and Pannier Racks

    My Little job this weekend was to fit the engine bars (before I drop it again) and the pannier racks that Yeti has very kindly let me have. First the Panniers: Started by taking off everything I could unscrew. Topbox and topbox plate, with the grey load rack (?not sure if that is the right...
  20. Le Mans Trip - UPDATE

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Boys and Girls I am going to apologise profusely but i am not able to make this event this year, but i have a very good reason. On Saturday 21st April at 3pm i get married at Guildford Registry Office to Anna my long time girlfriend. When i put this trip up i knew i was going to get married...