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    For sale is my friends bike, i'm advirtising it due to the fact he does not have a pc or internet access, the reason for sale is due to purchase of a BMW. The bike is a 2001 model and has the following features 1: Triumph luggage 2: Centre stand aswell as a side stand 3: Triumph alarm by...
  2. For Sale / Wanted
    ANY ONE INTERESTED I am selling my Thunderbird on e bay. Item No. 290221334645 TRIUMPH THUNDERBIRD 900 N Reg April 1996 885cc 5 Speed A stunning example of Hinckley Triumph’s finest. A Thunderbird 900, Superb build quality. This bike has been loved and cared for, always garaged with summer use...
  3. Other Bikes
    I had a little play on an 02 tiger today. Lovely bike but didn't do my confidence much good cause I could only get my little tippy toes on the floor. How easy is it to lower one of these beasties and how do you do it. I know that one of you wonderful guys or gals will know. You never know...
  4. Chatter
    LOL! I was digging about on the Tiger 1050 site and came across this, I've not laughed so much in years! I'm no homophobe, and have never considered Honda's being the "gay man's choice" but the Kiwi's responses were hilarious! Any how, take a read if you've a spare minute, I promise you WILL...
  5. Other Bikes
    Okay folks a friend need a new starter motor for his Trumpy.. but the dealer wants 377.00£ for the unit.. So does anyone know of oem part that could work or a good breakers. or anything that is usefull cheers
  6. Chatter
    I read in the news section of this months MSL there are rumours of a new 675cc Triumph Tiger Cub for 2009, Sound interesting, with this and the rumoured arrival of the BMW 800GS parallel twin later this year, this may buck Honda up to improving replacing the TA ....maybe.....
  7. Chatter
    Any of you lot owned a modern trumph triple?? Opinion's ect?
  8. Other Bikes
    coming to me on Friday............................ I have p/x'd my Harley Sportster for it, not sure if it's strictly for the road or possibly take it on some easy trails. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough......;) The Kiwi's dont seem to have a problem using it off-road...
  9. Other Bikes
    yum! got a test ride saturday, and they do it in black! guess my transalp may be on ebay very very soon!
  10. Other Bikes
    Don't you just hate IT! Shoulda been the 2007 Vara!!! :twisted:
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    A mate of mine, who's in the trade, took this in part exchange last week and let me out for a blat on it. It's one of the Triumph dealer Jack Lilly's specials, not the official Scrambler which won't be out 'till next year. [/img]