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  1. **VIDEO** AFRICA TWIN - Enjoy the Real Life

    Africa Twin
    Hi everyone!! I'm an spanish guy, the proud owner of an Africa Twin XRV 750 R RD07 since one month ago. For me, this bike is a myth because of its storie and success. I love it, and when one week before a friend of me told me about making a video with this bike as the main character, I said...
  2. Rd07a output / counter shaft offically discontinued

    Africa Twin
    Have been sending several emails over the last few weeks to Honda about my hunt for a counter / output shaft RD07A: 23220-MAY-000 and received phone call from them yesterday to say that this part is now officially discontinued and Honda have no plans to do another run of them ! The guy from...
  3. Exploring around the Southern Alps

    Africa Twin
    After a little trip on my own I was keen to get back to the Sestriere area with a mate - it all felt a bit bold on my own! True adventure indeed. Anyway, mate turned up with a GS and we had a "quick" lap round the Col delle Finistere and Strada dell'Assieta in the afternoon. Quick until we hit...
  4. The Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L Africa Twin confirmed for 2015.

    Africa Twin
    Honda Press release today: The Africa Twin is back! CRF1000L Africa Twin confirmed for 2015. Honda is delighted to announce the return of one of motorcycling’s most celebrated and evocative names – the Africa Twin. Having clearly shown the direction of its development and intent with the...
  5. Moto Festival Athens Greece

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Last weekend took place the annual moto festival in Athens Africa Twin club of Greece was there the whole weekend. We saw old and new friends We gave one motorcycle to Honda full of mud over the sign of True Adventure and generally we had wonderful time talking and dreaming about trips and...
  6. True Adventure 4

    Africa Twin
  7. True Adventure - Episode 3

    Africa Twin
  8. 2014 Bike Related Tales & Wisdom

    Merry Christmas to Everyone With Christmas Day knocking on our doors (or chimney's) and the New Year not so far away, I thought I'd start a thread about the year we're just about to leave behind. 2014 has perhaps been a good year for some, and a bad or sad years for others unfortunately. So...
  9. "True Adventure" Episode 2...

    Africa Twin
    Hot off the press.... :thumbup:
  10. Honda Press Release - 4th November 2014

    Africa Twin
    Honda Press Release - 4th November 2014: "True Adventure Prototype The second prototype on display is the True Adventure Prototype. Inspired by both Honda’s fantastic heritage in adventure motorcycling and our recent Dakar programme, the True Adventure Prototype captures the product direction...
  11. Tour of Scotland

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Due to Fiona's medical problem, (those who know us know what I'm on about), we decided to tour round the coast of Scotland to see if she would be ok for the run to the National this yr but after a few days it was obvious this was not going to be possible so we took an alternative adventure...
  12. BMW launches “30 year” GS range

    BMW Motorrad is launching a limited edition GS range to celebrate 30 years of the “Gelande-Strasse” models. The range will cover the BMW R1200 GS, the R 200 GS Adventure, the F800 GS and the F650 GS. The special edition “30 Years GS” models will come in BMW motorsports colours of...