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  1. a question on the site/store XR650R.Co.Uk

    hello from Italy, I need to know if the store XR650R.Co.Uk is still active today. Someone here in Italy has tell me that XR650R.Co.Uk is gone out of business, is this true? Hope smeone can help me to understand how is the thing! THANKS!
  2. RD07 R 94 front brake pistons

    Africa Twin
    Hi everybody, I am rebuilding front brakes and I need to change two out of four pistons, but I have trouble finding them in online shops where I usually get my stuff (german and austrian shops). Some have it for older models, some say that it is the same piston for older and newer models (I...
  3. High compression piston for Dominator?

    Dominator / FMX
    I'm hoping to build a special dominator motor with a high compression piston - say 10.5:1 No problem I thought, as Wiseco do them for the XR650L - which is the same as the Dominator right? Does anyone know 100% for sure if this is true of all XR650L motors because the Wiseco catalogue does not...
  4. Oil Temperature Gauge

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi Folks! I just looking for Oil Temperature Gauge for my '93 RD02. I found lot of them at ebay around 30 EUR for rd08, and 65 eur for rd02. As far as I know, the thread size is different: RD02 has around 29mm, and RD08 has 20x2.5mm. But, the rest of the stick is same? If this is true, I...
  5. Front brake issues

    Africa Twin
    Hi, failed the MOT yesterday :cry: due to uneven braking at the front. I can feel that the braking is uneven (as you apply slight pressure to come to a stop it feels like the disc is warped) but didn't really feel it was an issue. The MOT man did... So...what to do? I removed both discs and...
  6. Suspension upgrade

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys as the good weather is just round the next snowy corner and time to play will be upon us in no time, I’m thinking of trying to make some improvements I’m not planning a full fork swap for KTM stuff, but I find the front a bit soft, most of my riding will be on tarmac, and around...
  7. RD07A Tripmaster Refurb.

    Africa Twin
    Just a quick note to relay my experience with my tripmaster repair. My 2002-reg RD07A Tripmaster started to show "ghost" characters. As well as the true LCD character displayed I was also seeing the remaining elements of the character in the display - very confusing and difficult to distinguish...
  8. Oh nooooooo she's stopped

    Dominator / FMX
    Well it had to be too good to be true, 44 miles in to my day off first shakedown run and STOP. Bit of background, she passed the mot yesterday and i got a quick 30 miles run before home. So far so good, today i planned running south to Larne then up the beautiful Antrim coast road home to...
  9. 88/89 Transalp wheel quality, gold/silver

    Hello from Norway! Aplogies for bad engligsh writing. I am considering importing a early (88-90) low milage Transalp from Germany to Norway to have a cheap to own bike. When the bikes passes 30 years from first registration it is a "veteran" in Norway, and very cheap to own. I have not owned a...
  10. 250s electrics

    Hi folks, I'm trying to sort the electrics out on my recently acquired 79 plate 250s, mainly the lights and switches. On opening up the right hand switch most of it fell out onto the floor and then when opening up the headlight it was just as bad with so mutch black tape and spliced in...
  11. Rear Sprocket on a Carbie blue

    Hi mates, its true the blue ones are faster :-) , but Im planing to change the rear sprocket to a 42 tooth for better fuel consumption on my 2002 Dero. Anyone has experience with this setup (16/42) for regular and touring ride? cheers
  12. A Brief History of Mopeds

    Traditional mopeds are a part of motorcycle culture that is fast disappearing, rendered obsolete by changing laws and now kept alive mainly by the hard work of dedicated fans. The term ‘moped’ is now often used interchangeably with sub-50cc scooters, but the true original mopeds were quite...
  13. RD04 Main jet and pilot jet

    Africa Twin
    Hello I have a 1990 AT. I want to ask about pilot and main jets. Manual says about pilot jet, that 1990-1992 its size 42 and after that size 40. And main jets front 118, back cylinder 122 for 1990-1992. 1996+ there is 115 and 115 size jets. Why are there different jet sizes? My fuel consumption...
  14. Motorcycles at the Movies.

    Just watched this ... "A JOURNEY THROUGH THE EYE OF THE RIDER Documentary Feature – 65 minutes A father, his adult son, and two mates head off on a journey to discover the grittiest, most beautiful bush the country has to offer. Yet what they find is something they were not prepared for...
  15. True Adventure poster

    Africa Twin
    Hi folks In this weeks MCN their is a art deco type poster of the new & old africa twins in a desert. It says free to download, has anyone had any luck. Or am I being particaly blonde & cant find it anywhere Trev
  16. Newbie: Transalp 650

    Hello everyone, despite giving up bikes recently - ahem - I've just bought a Transalp 650 on Ebay (link below) and have found loads of information on here already. As you can see from the link the bike was £1000.00 without an MOT, and I am awaiting courier delivery. It appears to need a good...
  17. Wanted: Wanted Africa Twin Yolks (triples)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello folks, latest project bike had had a rough life to say the least, fork tubes were bent so I had to replace them with new as part of the rebuild. I had thought (hoped) that the yolks would be ok but having had a couple of goes now at getting everything aligned and true I've come to the...
  18. SLR 650 large petrol tank

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi I will eventually put a large capacity petrol tank on my SLR and have read that a dominator tank will fit. Is this true? Does anyone know of any other tanks that fit and give a little more range? Thanks Ian
  19. Smith & Allan engine oil

    Africa Twin
    Anyone had experience with using Smith & Allan oil in their (old) Africa Twin? Smith & Allan Motorcycle Oil 10w-40 Semi Synthetic | Buy oil, lubricants, greases and more from Smith and Allan Seems to meet all the right standards, etc., but at less than £3 per litre when delivered in a 20 litre...
  20. eBay: mosfet & connectors

    For Sale / Wanted
    Triumph street triple regulator rectifier 2010 | eBay nowt to do wi me, but must begood for someone, both my girls 'ave 'em.