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  1. Wanted: Anyone have a spare front calliper for an RD07?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello! I'm hoping someone can be my saviour... I'm in need of a replacement left front calliper for an RD07. After a somewhat long and stressful fiasco removing the calliper pin, the thread in the calliper is partially damaged. The pin tightens up but I don't trust how strong the thread is...
  2. Beware ... Channel 5 pisstakers !

    Don't fall for this ... Never trust 'The Media' !
  3. Clutch cable end

    Hi Just bought a new clutch cable for my 650 ta v6. It does not have the bent bit of tubing on it. Is this normal for replacement clutch cables? This is the new one, i trust you all know what the original looks like.
  4. Split-Link or riveted?

    Dominator / FMX
    Would you trust your life to a split-linked drive chain? They're easier, but are they safe?
  5. New National Trust advert, I was amazed.

    New National Advert, I was sent a link to this by my paragliding buddy, watch out for him about half way through with a mad cow on board. What is happening to the National Trust? I remember blue rinses, suits of armour mouldy furniture and stale biscuits. I had to watch it twice to see if was a...
  6. Seventh Welsh Invasion

    Welsh Invasion
    Apparently I've not put down where we are staying for the new people amongst us it's here Location map
  7. Wilts ramble

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Went out with Bob Steve and a couple of others on Sat. Sun shone. Africa purred. Bob and Steve cheated (meant to be a big bike run) Bobby with Stonehenge in the background And Stevey Ian on a proper bike Tea when I got home! Remember me?? Dave S stuck in Pipehouse lane a couple of...
  8. Test ride a Crosstourer...? Sorry Sir.....we ain't got one....

    Popped into my local Honda dealer West London.... and that is the reply I got from their sales team. Did I have too high expectations or is it Honda not getting it quite right again...? Or may be they didn't trust me.....:confused:
  9. Powder Coating around London?????

    Africa Twin
    Anyone know of any good powder coaters in or around London? Having reached the point where I downed tools and gave up on my frame at the weekend I thought it prudent to pay someone to complete the frame before I lose all motivation but don't want to entrust it to an unknown!!!! Anyone got any...
  10. Recommend me a mechanic in Sheffield

    Can anyone recommend a good mechanic in Sheffield?! The good guy at my local garage has left now, so struggling to find anyone else i trust to work on my bike!!
  11. MOT Preparation

    Mechanical Advice
    I have the bike booked in for a MOT next week. I would like to do the basic checks before I take her, is there a link or a set of checks you would recommend a google search has not revealed any i would trust. :rolleyes:
  12. A trusted Mechanic Around Bristol

    Hi Guys, I wanted to ask if anyone knows a Mechanic around bristol that i can trust in working on my DRZ400 - Its actually a fairly simple job of replacing the Carb, i just don't have the right knowledge to do it and dont really want to cause damage. So if anyone can recommend me a mechanic that...
  13. If you can't trust stereotypes, what CAN you trust??!!!

    Now, in my day, you knew what was what. Germans wore silly trousers and spoke like Vader. The Irish did nothing but drink and fight. And Russian women were rough, and Russian women spies were even worse :shock: But they were, at least, easy to spot sitting on the railings of number 10...
  14. Rainbow Childrens Trust Rideout reminder

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Guys. I am unashamedly going to cut and paste a thread from the dark side, i.e. my xtz forum! I've got a soft spot for the A/T too, so hope to see some of you there. Steve. Edit post Delete post Report this post Reply with quote Rainbow Trust Childrens Charity rideout end August by...
  15. Rainbow Trust Ride-out from Rykas Cafe

    The Longest Day
    Hello all. I'm putting the word around for a charity ride at the end of August. No apologies if you see this on another forum either! I hope the link below will take you to the Facebook page for the event. Dont forget to phone or email them to register. Some of us may wish to enquire about...
  16. dont trust the service book!!

    my bike was serviced before i bought it at 34,000 miles. now done 38,000 so time to oil and filter change. that oil is NOT 4000 miles old!that airfilter is NOT 6months old! lesson learned?if/when you get a bike with fsh and stamped book to prove, SERVICE IT YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!! then you know...
  17. Trust

    I dunno why but I getting the feeling a local mechanic is taking me for a bit of a ride, cant explain it and not too keen to slate people with no evidence Anybody know of a good honda mechanic, trustworthy etc etc somewhere sorta close to me or on a railline close to me Just another bunch of...
  18. Why you can NEVER EVER trust Government

    I have noticed recently that there is a lot of talk recently on the internet concerning tracking devices fitted to road vehicles, and that a petition has been set up. I voted on that petition and i will tell you why. I lived in the Ukraine and Russia for nearly 3 years i used to work for the...
  19. Janet Street Porter - Who can trust the bobbly hat?

    The word needs to get out!! Who can trust a women that keeps going on about environmental issues who is a druggie!!!! Look at this link, chapter 7. Spread the word!! She is a didgy one!!
  20. Vulcan resteration trust @ Southend Airport August 12th

    The Vulcan Restoration Trust is holding an Open Day at Southend Airport on Saturday 12th August. The Trust owns and maintains the former Royal Air Force Vulcan aircraft that has been at the airport since 1986 and all money raised by the event will go towards the aircraft’s ongoing upkeep. The...