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  1. Hafren Rally - September 2013 - anyone going from here?

    Competitions / Trials
    Hi all, this years Hafren Rally will be on Sunday 22nd of September. I have entered the event for the first time for me. I will be on my trusted XR400 and together a colleague (on an Africa Twin) we hope to get round OK. Anyone else from here going? Thx Lars
  2. Reliable Transalp Mechanic: Recommendations?

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a reliable/trusted mechanic to do some work on a 1988 600v that's needs to go back on the road soon. Has anyone got any recommendations? Obviously due to the age of the bike I don't want to spend a fortune on labour costs so main dealers are probably out of the...
  3. Time to leave my trusted AT

    Africa Twin
    It was time to move on and I sold my trusted AT. I had it for four years, enjoyed it a lot. I did rebuild it almost totally, only engine wasn`t ever removed from frame. And what after? For me answer is Xchallenge :)
  4. A trusted Mechanic Around Bristol

    Hi Guys, I wanted to ask if anyone knows a Mechanic around bristol that i can trust in working on my DRZ400 - Its actually a fairly simple job of replacing the Carb, i just don't have the right knowledge to do it and dont really want to cause damage. So if anyone can recommend me a mechanic that...
  5. I really shouldnt be trusted...

    After an afternon spent fiddling with the bike and my Starcom and stuff, I decided to take the plunge and fit my Spotlights that have been gathering dust for 6 months or so! I had a cunning plan the other day of using one of the existing fairing mounting bolts and fixing the light brackets on...