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  1. I'd really love to try an AT ..anyone feeling trusting ( Exeter based 48 yr old )

    Africa Twin
    keep thinking about getting one but having never had a ride and already owning a couple of bikes I don't really want to splash out unless I find it irresistable. I know it's a long shot but just wondered whether any soul nearby would be kind/trusting enough to let me have a spin on there steed (...
  2. Insurance advice anyone? or just read and have a laugh at my expence!!

    Hi Guys, If anyone has any real advice then please offer it, if you just want to take the piss out of me then feel free, I can take it.... (I'm just interested to know how much trouble I might be in) My 22 Year old step son has been driving since he was 18 or 19 on a full license. a couple of...
  3. Proud of my new steed

    Many thanks to furstyferret for selling/trusting me with his immaculate 2002 07a Black / Sand. The problem is now it's too good to use, I'll have to try to control myself. Hope he'll be happy when he gets his Street Bob.
  4. Wiring spotlamps

    Hi I have just fitted new Grave crashbars to my 650TA and added Della spots (not bright long beam) for visibility. Not trusting my electrical knowhow after previous mistakes I got my local bike shop to do the job. They have wired the spots to main beam only when I was expecting a switch so I can...
  5. Anglo-Italian Transalp owners meet-up 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Anglo-Italian Transalp Meeting 2009. Quality, not quantity! I had seen the original message from Scorpio (Maurizio) waaay back in the wintertime, inviting any xrv’ers who were interested to join with the Italian Transalp owners Summer meeting in the Italian Tyrol. “No way”, I had thought at...
  6. What do YOU do . . . ?

    . . . when you park the bike and go for a wander? More specifically, do you dump your lid(s) in the top box, fix them with the under-seat hooks, or lug them around with you? What about other stuff? My rides out have tended to be non-stop, or petrol stop only, until the last couple of years...
  7. Advice re Parts

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello there, I've recently bought a 1999 Dominator off Ebay. Unfortunately it has a few things wrong with it- Needs new end cans fronm the stainless steel front pipes backwards. Bottom Bracket that the back shock sits on needs all bushes, bolts and needle bearings replaced...
  8. In Zambia I met them with Dominator

    Dominator / FMX
    When I was in Zambia (Livingston) 2 weeks ago, I met this Sweden couple, she was riding a Dominator and he a BMW 650 Funduro (GS). Apparently, they had to go to Cape town to get the BMW 650 GS fixed but the Dominator was perfect. They started with new chain and stuff from Sweden and everything...