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  1. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi. I'm looking for a Honda XR 250 or Yamaha TTR 250 for a trip. I live in Manchester but willing to travel for the right bike. Thanks, Jeremy
  2. Chatter
    Hi all, now I know there is a lot of expertise here, so should I 350 or 400? Two Im lookingat both have bigger tanks, sowhat would best suit? Which has better road manners foran odd wild camp foray over to wales? The350 would leave a nice little wedge to fancifying or indeed update my 20 yr old...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hello fellow forumers, I'm off to see one on Friday, no idea what the condition is, belongs to a pal of my son, inherited from his uncle. The lad has no time to use it due to young family so is thinking about selling it. As far as I know it hasn't been used for 2-3 years. My first task is to...
  4. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Looking for 2 bikes for me and my son he is keen to have go at trail riding looking for xr 250 ttr 250 etc or anything similar needs to be older cheaper bikes for sake of my bank balance :rolleyes: :thumbright:
  5. Chatter
    Having had the Trials bike sitting in the garage for so long now and only doing a few comps, and not really getting together as a group for practise i'm thinknig of getting rid of the bike and getting another thumper for lanning instead. I want something electric start, or electric and kick...
  6. Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, for sale is my CCM 604 , Used for Green laning but if it wasn't for the knobblies you might not be able to tell (still a pretty looking thing) Not for the fainthearted, and I'm looking for something tamer to learn the craft on (pretty new to off roading, love it but something like a TTR...
  7. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a fantastic day out with TheTimKirby and Rolly. Left mine in Runcorn at 08:00 and met Tim and Rolly at Capel Curig (6 miles West of Betws-y-coed) just after 09:30. Me on my @, Tim on his 33 year old XL200 and Rolly on his TTR 250 Enduro. Did loads of trails all around Betws-y-coed, all...
  8. Yamaha
    Just purchased today, a '93 Yamaha TTR 250cc for almost-20-year 0ld-Son to ride around the island upon. Any of you knowledgeable types out there in receipt of '93 Yamaha TTR 250 cc wisdom that you care to share ? ©-©
  9. Yamaha
    Hi all i need some advice please i have recently sold my trusty XR400R and later replaced it with TTR250 great bike BUT she WILL NOT tick over after closing the throttle what do i do - remember please that although i will have a go at most things i am no technical expert! people have said...
  10. Other Bikes
    found a yammy ttr 250 in local paper,, any good bearing in mind that i have just passed my restricted test..and 17 lol... any one had one delt with them? is it a go or a no go?ta guys/gals
  11. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Not much of a ride report as it was far too wet to stop and take photos. Anyway we went over to Wales for a trail-ride on the smaller bikes, nice and clean at the start Phil guns his TTR 250 up a climb DaveS looking like he's been enjoying himself...
  12. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    :p Sunday afternoon any one? Gonna text Stan, Nick GS, Daz, anyone else for a play? (XR 250, TTR 250, XLR 250, and me new XR650!) Forecast is warmer but wet - perfect!!
  13. Other Bikes
    Ok, made it back from the xmas meet - just !!! The bike coughs and splutter and bangs, like its about to stall. Feels like its running out of petrol. Second thing I noticed yesterday on the motorway was if I open the throttle past a certain point - about half way - the revs suddenly drop and...
  14. For Sale / Wanted
    is anyone here who's got for sale parts for yamaha ttr 250 Raid version. I'm looking for left hand side engine caising or whole engine (will fit from other ttr250 models) . let me know please . cheers
  15. Chatter
    Just put this in here from the GS club site so it gets the maximum exposure LOSS OF MOTORCYCLES: PLEASE HELP Sadly, TRF Rights of Way Researcher Ian Baillie, recently had his Macclesfield garage broken into and 3 of his bikes stolen. Please note the details below and tell all your...
  16. Other Bikes
    As I have transalp I wanted bigger sister but I end up buying little one - ttr 250 raid. we will see if that was good choice.
  17. Other Bikes
    I've got transalp but I'm after light trailie for little bit off road use. What do you think about those 2 bikes? Any sugestions?
1-17 of 18 Results