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  1. TTR600RE Acerbis tank wanted

    Fed up with the 70 miles until reserve range of the tiny tank on this bike. Does anyone have an Acerbis long range plastic tank available?
  2. TTR600RE luggage carrier/rack wanted

    Just picked up a 2007 TTR600RE, good torquey little bike. Does anyone have or know where I can get a rear luggage rack at a sensible price? Seems only Hepco & Becker really and it's very expensive! Any help appreciated.
  3. TTR600re thoughts

    I am looking for a new bike(return to 2 wheel) for mainly road use with poss some off road and was thinkingh of the TTR. I had so trialies in my youth(XT/XL/KMX/DT/IT/KLR) but more recient have had naked bikes(XJR/CB/Bandit) Anyone had one or riden one and could offer some thoughts on it. I am...