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  1. For Sale: Transalp XL600V

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Finally getting around to selling this. I bought it to use as a run around whilst I do a rebuild (of another 600!), but have found that I'm just not getting on with the project so this has to go to a) make space and b)motivate me to crack on with the rebuild! I had it a little over 2 years and...
  2. For Sale: Transalp 600 plus kit

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hello all This is my 2nd attempt so I reckon this will be much shorter than the first attempt (computer crashed). Selling my 2001 Transalp 600. Twin disc model, high wind shield, heated grips. 42k miles, extremely reliable. Im selling as relocating and need to thin out some gear, so I'm also...
  3. For Sale: XRV650/750 full panel set and tank and rectifier.

    For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD.... please pm me. needs to go as storage has gone.
  4. For Sale: Whole Pile Of Bike Kit For Sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Joe Rocket dragging style jeans. £25.00 posted within the UK. Size 42" waist and 32" leg. Brand new. Answer Edge MotoX Trousers - £20.00 posted within the UK. Size 42 waist. Brand new.
  5. Time to change the Tuareg logo?

    Bodgers Corner
    The Tuareg logo that is used on the Dakar rally and seemingly everywhere else that has a connection with offroad or adventure bikes is a bit over done (in my opinion) is there anyone out there that would be prepared to draw something similar but in a more GB centric way, you know, with a flat...
  6. Sold: Hein Gericke Tuareg Tank Bag

    For Sale / Wanted
    Used this bag for 3 years as it suited the Africa twin perfectly, But Its completely the wrong shape for my 800XC so it may as well go This is a great magnetic tank bag, large capacity and expandable, has a clear windowed top compartment for sat nav, phone ect, a built in waterproof cover, 2 X...
  7. New CapoNord

    Launched at Piaggio’s dealer meeting in Monte Carlo, the Aprilia Caponord 1200 (AKA the Aprilia Tuareg 1200) has shown its face to the public, and a recognizable face it is. Clearly based on the Dorsoduro 1200 platform, the new Caponord 1200 draws its design cues from the Aprilia RSV4, which...
  8. For Sale: HG Tuareg Tank bag with panniers. Africa Twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    This tank bag fits and looks superb on the bike. A base unit straps to tank then main tank bag zips to that, as do pannier bags that zip to either side. Map pocket and expandable. Panniers are very roomy. Rain cover included. Comes with soft rubber type under cover to protect tank. I will also...
  9. For Sale: Hein Gericke Tuareg Pant's for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm selling my pair of Hein Gericke Tuareg pant's. SIZE XXL, 40 waist ,they will adjust up and down a bit on that size . They have armour at the knees and leather on the seat and knees and legs' They also have a removable waterproof liner. £40 like this but used ,can be picked up at the HU...
  10. Bike search aprillia tuareg 600

    Aprillia Tuareg Wind 600. I had this bike a few years ago, I bought it from Grizz ,sold it to Robster and then he sold it on. not sure if Big rog or V8 Simon bought it. Does anyone know where it went ??. Cheers.:thumbright:
  11. Aprilia tuareg

    I've just bought one of these!! It looks good but cant find out much about them does anyone know any thing Simon
  12. For Sale: Aprilia Tuareg Wind 600

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm afraid I've got to admit defeat on this. :( Bought last year as a Green Laner/ Winter runabout and something for me to tinker with and slowly restore to its former glory whilst learning along the way. That just hasn't happened due to a new house needing lots of work and many other factors...
  13. Hein Gericke TUAREG TRGIII Rallye

    For Sale / Wanted
    For sale Hein Gericke TUAREG TRGIII Rallye jacket "XL" and trousers "L" size. Jacket - XL, used for two months (weekends, if only), VGC - 60 quid Trousers - L, brand NEW - 60 quid It's a great piece of kit, comes with linings...
  14. Hein Gericke Tuareg Jacket Xl as new

    For Sale / Wanted
    XL Hein Gericke Tuareg Jacket, like new. Used twice as a summer jacket. They were 80 quid new year ago. Yours for 30!!! Collection from north London preferred!!! [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
  15. H/G Tuareg tank bag & panniers for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    Cavernous expandable Hein Gericke tank bag with detachable panniers, comes with an assortment of straps, waterproof cover. The main bag unzips from the base, has three good sized pockets, lockable zippers, good sized map pocket. Would also make a good tail pack In as new condition £40...
  16. Magnetic tankbag for the @

    Africa Twin
    I am on the lookout for a new tankbag for my @. Any recommendations?
  17. Aprilia Tuareg Wind 600 – Wont Start!

    I'm having a nightmare with my Tuareg. It's absolutely fine when it's running, but just a real nightmare to get going at the moment. Despite my best efforts, I'm ashamed to say I've never managed to kick start it, I've always used the Electric Start. This was fine at first, but after a while I...
  18. sale on at Hein Gericke - Tuareg jacket

    I decided I needed a new lighter and cooler and waterproof and warm jacket for my trip to Morocco. So after a quick peruse of the Internet I landed on the HG web site and..................... they have got a sale on:p Brill, the Tuareg Gti GTx something was in the sale with £100 off. Looks...
  19. Hein Gericke Enduro Tuareg tank bag

    Africa Twin
    Wondered if anyone lived close to an HG store that could go look at the following tank bag to see if it would fit the AT tank: Its the Tuareg Enduro All-round tank bag and panniers, priced up at £69.99 (p238 in the new catalogue). It looks like what I'm after at a good price, but need to...