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  1. Wanted: Touratech Pannier rack for 700

    For Sale / Wanted
    HiJust on the off chance :-)Has anyone got a Transalp 700 touratech type pannier rack tucked away doing nothing???RegardsSimon
  2. Wanted: Transalp 1997 exhaust wanted.....

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi - looking for an exhaust - silencer for the transalp 1997 - twin disc version - anyone have a spare tucked away in their shed????????? 07802 434063...thanks
  3. Wanted: St1300 top box rack

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a top box mounting plate for my newly aquired pan european st1300.I am betting on someone on this forum having one tucked away in a shed. regards Gerard Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  4. Dominator exhaust headers

    Dominator / FMX
    I took my exhaust headers into work and polished them down to the metal and they turned out to be stainless steel. After starting my bike up this evening to warm her up before she was tucked in for the night, I noticed my headers were glowing red hot. Do they all do that coz it looked kinda cool...
  5. It really is amazing what people have tucked away.

    Now over in this part of the world where motorcycling and road racing border on being a religion it's long been known that in certain parts of the countryside enthusiastic collectors have all sorts of bikes tucked away in various sheds and workshops some of which make appearances at classic...
  6. How do you wear yours?

    Just a quick question about textile trousers and boots. I've got RevIt trousers and TCX Infinity boots. Now I just tuck my trousers into my boots, do boots up and go. I've seen others with their trousers over their boots. So, do you wear your trousers in or out of your boots, and why?? I...
  7. Hello & Arrow question!

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all, Bought a '99 Dommie from Glasgow last month, rode it home to Yorkshire in the snow, washed it, and tucked it away to wait for less salty roads! Already planning the tinkering phase of ownership.... so, does anyone know if the Arrow 2-1 silencer sold by will fit...
  8. rd07 lefthand brake caliper

    Mechanical Advice
    hi guys i am a new member . i bought my africa twin a month ago as a resto project . so i new it was in need of a bit of TLC but i have come to a problem? . i have remove the front calipers as they were siezed refurb them but as with most thing i have come to, the previous owner has missed...
  9. Sold: Africa Twin 07 front forks, yolks and bar clamps.

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having a bit of a clear out and found these tucked away, they came off the donor bike for Insomnia, complete top yolks, steering stem etc plus the bar clamps with original bolts and the fork legs. Straight and true, no impact damage and no leaks from the seals. Asking £75 plus postage at cost.
  10. Today's waterproof test

    That's the first time I have been out on the bike in what I'd consider proper rain for ages. Made the mistake of not taking it seriously and getting kitted up before I went out. Didn't make sure everything was tucked in and velcro'd tight shut. And then my trousers just leaked, big time.:( Only...
  11. Wanted: Rear Footpeg Bolts RD04

    For Sale / Wanted
    I need a full set of bolts to fit the rear footpeg hangers to the frame. My young daughters are dying for a pillion ride on my new 1993 RD04. Does anyone have a set tucked away in their garage please?
  12. Race home

    Had a great run home from Skye tonight :thumbup: In the car unfortunately. Left Skye in the afternoon, pulled up behind a car just North of Portree. Knew he was making good progress, so I tucked in behind him, hoping he would take the top road home by GlenCarron and Achnasheen. We built up a...
  13. Xl 125 rc project

    Hi everyone, im a newbie here, and wanted to show you all my honda xl project. i brought the bike in running order, but it needed some tlc, so ive stripped it down and rebuilt everything with a new coat of paint. just need a r/h side panel for it now( if anyone has one tucked away, please sell...
  14. CX500 ebay special - seat, bars & misc

    Bodgers Corner
    Morning! Some of you may have noticed me posting pictures of the cheap old CX500 "special" I got off ebay recently: Well, I thought you might be interested in a few updates [1]. First off, although the seat wasn't as bad as it looked, it wasn't improved when the small "bum stop" bit of...
  15. Honda Integra

    Other Honda
    Yeah, I know it's not an "Adventure" bike, but it is a Honda, and the engine feels a bit like a V-Twin!! I posted the piece below on another forum, and I thought someone may find it of use or interesting... Integra impressions. Well, I finally managed to get a test ride on an Integra today...
  16. Koso speedo fitted - has anyone got one of these?

    Africa Twin
    I just bought and fitted a koso digital speedo - everything about it is great - decent quality item, speedo cable/sensor and bracket excellent but I have used the sender for the revs off the Rear right (as you sit on bike) coil - it is an inline item and now the bike is running on 3 plugs not 4...
  17. For Sale: Random bits for sale

    For Sale / Wanted
    hi i have the following bits for sale Original Honda Transalp lower seat - with rear foam removed, but cover intact and just tucked under (had intended on making it a solo seat with rack on back) Haynes Nine rear disc brake with disc and pads (the rubber bleed nipple has gone and hence...
  18. 2003 640 Adventure - SATNAV mount

    Everything Orange - KTM
    Hi fellas, I want to get a case and mount to use my iPhone 4 on the bike as I already have TomTom installed and it seems daft to go and buy a TomTom Rider. The handlebars are a little to0 'forward' to mount anything on. Ideally tucked right behind the screen would be the best option. Has...
  19. Wanted: Baglux cover

    For Sale / Wanted
    looking for a baglux cover, anybody got one tucked away anywhere....ta..
  20. Not Been Around For A While

    Not that I've been the most prolific poster, I haven't been round for a while and just wanted to say "Hi" Worked on my XL700 earlier this year, with good ol' Stumpy Fingers, in preperation of a week long trip to France in June this year as a 40th Birthday treat to myself. Just before I set off...