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  1. re-jetting on the bike.

    Dominator / FMX
    Quick question. Has anyone ever re-jetted their bike while the carb is still on the bike? I've got a adjustable Super trap exhaust on my Dommie and I know I can tune to match the carb with that, but I've found a setting that I love the sound of. Not too loud but enough of barrrrrp. So I...
  2. Carb tuning

    I am about to try and tune my flatside carb when I get my bike started :D:D:D I used one of these on an old Z650 I had alongside a balancer guage I have. Do you reckon this will work on my Keihin FCR flatside that I want on my Dommie. I know these days we have gone digital with Co2 but I love...
  3. Recommend me some tunes

    I've given google play music all access a go and the musical world is my lobster so how about some music recommendations. And Whealie. I still don't like Florence and the machine so don't bother :)
  4. It's bad you know........

    I think this is a cool video, old bikes and a great tune from R L Burnside.........or maybe it's an age thing?:iconbiggrin: R.L.Burnside It's bad you know - YouTube Andy.
  5. slow running jet adjustment

    Dominator / FMX
    hi. i have tried a search on the forum so i dont ask an already covered question but no joy, so: am i right in assuming the slow running jet on keihin cv carbs are on the fuel circuit meaning anticlockwise to richen or is it the air circuit which anticlockwise is to lean off. i just trying to...
  6. chobba chobba

    Moto Guzzi
    2010 MOTO GUZZI STELVIO NTX 1200 w STAINTUNE MUFFLER - YouTube ive a funny feeling that a Stelvio will be in my future the damn things are growing on me more and more every day , now where's that ****in shotgun and hacksaw :toothy10::toothy10::toothy10::toothy10:
  7. kill myself when i was young

    not for the faint hearted , but illustrates just how hard core Vintage racing really was:shock: beside its a cool tune too:mrgreen: Vintage Race Car Crashes on
  8. Name that tune

    Can please anybody help me, I have been trying to find out this for years now? On the motorbike mania video from motoworld, the edition which shows the daytona 200, paris-dakar, Barry sheene's accidents etc, and the blackwater 100...During the Blackwater 100 there is a piece of music played...
  9. what a tune

    venice queen by the hot chilli peppers:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: off of by the way this tune just blows me away when im riding dreamy for the first half then picks up the pace halfway through:headbang: :headbang: :headbang: awsome riding tune :D life is goooood:D and i havnt even...
  10. Get in tune

    Just had an email from Bennets Insurance telling me about this... Comments please....... And band names.... :lol: I suggest: The XRV ORGESTRA