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  1. rd07 cockpit tuning

    Africa Twin
    Hello everyone:) I'm looking for 2d drawings of the extension plate for cockpit on rd07, could be in dxf/pdf or in 3d step or similuar. Anyone who could help?
  2. XR600R Carburetor tuning

    Hi, can anyone recommend a workshop in the UK where I can get my XR600R's carburetor checked and tuned up? Preferably near Central London but happy to travel if they're good. Thanks, Gio
  3. Hello all....

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Just saying hello again, used to be here when I had a Transalp but couldn't remember my name so started again....that happens a lot nowadays!! Sold the Transalp 3 or 4 years ago and got a Cagiva GC but have been missing having a Honda and am planning a project build using a RFVC motor and...
  4. Carb tuning

    I am about to try and tune my flatside carb when I get my bike started :D:D:D I used one of these on an old Z650 I had alongside a balancer guage I have. Do you reckon this will work on my Keihin FCR flatside that I want on my Dommie. I know these days we have gone digital with Co2 but I love...
  5. mig Exhaust AT RD07

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a louder exhaust and I saw a used MIG exhaust online. Would anyone know if it's a good one? He has fitted a home made silencer in because it was to loud but I'll decide that when I buy it. Do I need to make any adjustments on the carbs (tuning/replace jets, etc)? I don't...
  6. First time owner, lots of questions - 1991 RD04

    Africa Twin
    Hi All, I didn't see an 'introduce yourself' section, but may have missed it. My name is Darren, I live in Dublin, Ireland and I've been fortunate enough to buy as my first ever motorcycle, a nut and bolt restored 1991 AT RD04. Have had it about 2 months now, mainly commuting. To my eyes...
  7. Wanted: Braught a fmx 650 want parts

    For Sale / Wanted
    Has anybody got a full exhaust system for the honda fmx650 for sale Also can i ask for some imformation on tuning one thanks
  8. XR400 Tuning setting

    Hello Community. I'm Omer,22years old and im from Austria. I bought the bike 2 years ago and im very happy to have a XR The Piston rings are very bad of my Bike and dont want to buy the standard piston 85mm and new piston rings. Now i want more power and i just bought today the Big Bore Kit...
  9. advice on bore and stroking a 250x

    CRF - New Forum!
  10. carb kit for tuning

    Hi all, I was flicking through ebay and came across this Honda XL650V4 XL 650V4 Transalp 6 Sigma Custom Carburetor Carb Stage 1-3 Jet Kit | eBay Its a carb/jet tuning thingy! Some big claims re extending life of motor/response and power increases. anyone out there know much about stuff like...
  11. Screen deflector or Windshield adaptor kit

    Any advice or recommendations? I'm wanting to sort out the usual wind around helmet (crash) issue with the 700. I'm looking either at something like the Puig screen deflector (Replacement screens For the bike model Honda Transalp XL700V 2010 | Puig) or the Palmer Products adaptor kit (Honda...
  12. XR 400 suspension upgrades

    Hi all, just thinking about tuning the suspension on my xr 400 anybody have any suggestions on how to improve it ? I ride a lot off road and i am looking for better handling, my weight is about 13 stone / 85 kilos I would rather stick with the stock forks if i can. Thanks,:cheers: Merry...
  13. Larger front sprocket

    Hi all I just got the chain and sprockets fitted and went for on tooth larger at the front as this seems to have been a popular mod. Whilst I find an improvement in 'pull' i also find there is a considerable increase in vibration below 50mph. Does anyone else find this? If so can it be...
  14. Dommie Dyno Advice / Carb Tuning (Cambs)

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi folks - I have a 1989 Dominator which has been pretty well-loved, and which has taken me to such far-flung places as Libya and Egypt. It recently had an engine rebuild from a very good guy. The carb was also cleaned and returned to stock settings (quiet and tame, but also about 30hp!) I...
  15. AT tuning

    Mechanical Advice
    i wondering,can i use hi-performance cam´s from an VT750 88-94 on my 91AT? I hawe re-jet my carburator´s,but it´s hawe been more fun if i hawe change my cam´s to. I heard some frend talk about he hawe seen performance cam´s to VT750,but nothing to AT,so it´s hawe been realy ok if i chold use...
  16. fmx tuning??

    Dominator / FMX
    hi all got 2006 fmx had race cans fitted awaiting header pipes and was then gonna have a dyno jet stage 2 and k&n filter fitted what gains should i expect fom these mods????? is there anything else i should do?? cheers
  17. Honda FMX CDI tuning

    Dominator / FMX
    Just found this on the internet: Any thoughts on this? All those extra horse power with only another CDI? :confused:
  18. XR l-3 styling - tuning help

    hi every one im new to this forum and just passed my cbt i bought my self a xr 125 l-3 as my first bike and im looking to improve the performance and turn it in to a supermotard style bike any one got advice on this please and no i dont want to buy a diffrent bike before some one says lol...
  19. Bike Tuning

    Mechanical Advice
    Hello people. Just wanted to share some info I found. The best way to see how engines are running, mixture wise, is to use an exhaust gas analyser. Problem is, they arent exactly a tool everyone owns...for obvious reasons.... Well I was doing some research and found an interesting project...
  20. eBay: Ebay tuning article

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi, is anyone on here bidding on Item Number 300296485053 "Classic 1970's Japanese Honda XL250 tuning article? Seems daft to push the price up when it could be photocopied. Just me being tight again! :)