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  1. Done it again......Tuscany and back

    made the trip again with our trike friend Barry. One of the best find was a hostel in Menaggio (COMO), western side of lake Como, there is only one in the village so you can't miss it (Lake Como|Menaggio Youth Hostel "La Primula") , very biker friendly and 45 Euros will get you an en-suite room...
  2. Tuscan Trails

    My friend Luca (whom some of you met last year in Tuscany....see gallery) and some of his friends, are launching a new venture for 4x4 and bike tours in Tuscany. In case anyone is interested here is he website: tuscanytrailsxperience Mods, if this is against forum rules, apologies and please...
  3. tuscany 2011 pics inc on their f/b page

    Chatter reminded me of a goooooood time : ) comments more than welome....
  4. Sexy Italian for BobA

    I know you liked these in Tuscany, well I saw a UK dealer offering this beauty (with chrome crash bars) the other day. IMG_0013 by whealie, on Flickr IMG_0012 by whealie, on Flickr
  5. love vs love of....

    Bugger... had an intersesting call from a friend of a friend of a friend today. Hey foz, are you interested in taking/guiding tourists on/off roading on motorbikes around Tuscany this summer for afew months. Bugger... My lady called rang an hour later, hey foz they accepted an offer on the...
  6. Tuscany 2013

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This is probably the longest notice ever given but I am thinking of going back..........I will probably want to take the quickest route there and maximize the time I have "in situ" hopefully also spend some time with my family (anyone else tagging along may want to skip that as it is fairly...
  7. Pegaso I.E. Tuscany Tibet Raid (!)

    Bit of a mouthful, but quite nice looking bike, (I wonder if they do different colour schemes)!:D Anyone have any experience of them? One for sale in the Phils at the mo. 650 single, 47HP, fuel injected, 21 litre tank. UKP5.5k seems a bit expensive and spares would be non existant here.:(
  8. Ride Report - Alps and Tuscany

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    OK Then Ride Report… Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then I’ll begin… Day Zero… Cambridge to Harwich! After work, ride from Cambridge to Harwich for the 23:30 ferry (Yippee!) Boarded an hour early, Ferry sailed an hour late. Plenty of straps available, although I had taken two of my...