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  1. Tweaking Alp - Advice on bar-ends please !!

    Hi all, Its that time of year when I start to 'fiddle', usually ends up be asking for help :D And guess what? Help please ! I never really liked the massive bush / hand guard things....... So, took them off. Are there no bar weights on 600Alps? Whats been left behind.....:( Basically...
  2. Honda NX400 Falcon first review

    Other Honda
    Well, it looks a bit like the old 650 Dommie, but this seems the most appropriate place for a first report. I finally got the new toy out this weekend as I held of insuring it until the Vara policy was up and put them both on a Multibike Policy. That was hard when the weather has been so...
  3. New Sump Guard

    Had a chance to play with dod's old RD03 sumpguard. Still needs some tweaking :confused:
  4. Hi from Si,

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    I saw your forums from Google searches, so I signed up and thought that I'd post a Hello. I've had an AT for a week, passed on to me from being sort of a stalled project via a mate of a mate. The clutch was I think the last job started so that's my first job to pick up, the kit's OK, needs...
  5. Mid week bimble.

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Mid week bimble - Shrops-mid Wales Sun's shining and the Vara is here!! I have booked Wednesday for a shakedown ride for the "new" Vara. Probably going to do my usual route into mid-Wales via South Shropshire and then back across the Elan Dams and then a bit of meandering around, maybe to the...
  6. Low footpegs for 1150GS

    I'm looking at tweaking a few bits on my new toy and one of them is the footpegs. does anyone have experience of lowered pegs and can recommend some. and if I fit them will I need a new gear lever (haven't looked to see if can be adjusted yet so may be a silly question) I think I read...
  7. Pilot screw affect on performance

    Africa Twin
    Just been down to the garage to check the plugs now the bike is cool. They are white with no deposits which would tie in with the bike running hotter. What I need to know is how much would the pilot screw affect the performance of the bike? It was pulling like a train earlier, not that I'm...
  8. more RD03 info please

    Africa Twin
    Ok I pulled the bulbs and found these 45/45 bulbs, replaced with 60/55 H4s and promptly blew the 10A fuse. What the consensus on running H4s and just putting in a 15A fuse? I'm still waiting for a wiring diagram but perhaps a headlight relay kit on this bike is in order? Can the alternator...
  9. RAM mount bracket thingy

    Bodgers Corner
    while i had the quest i rigged it up so it sat in front of the tacho and didnt get in the way (see pics in my member album). but now ive got a zumo and its a different, taller shape. it cant go where the quest went without blocking the tacho. i liked the way the migsel mount puts the RAM ball...
  10. New brake pads & discs - now slightly jamming.

    Africa Twin
    I replaced (with Haynes) all original brake pads & discs (F&R) and fluid, and now the front still jams slightly (!) even after driving now 200km...the discs are not very warm, so it's not too bad but a bit difficult when you have to push her by hand/feet...It was all perfect with the old pads &...
  11. Just come over to 'The Dark Side'

    Dominator / FMX
    New boy in town - swapped my BMW K100 (plus a bit of cash) for a 94 Dommie (gay Turquoise, but I'm sure of my sexuality so I don't care). Rode it the 50+ miles home from Aberdeen (avoiding the dual carriageway) and walked in with a huge :D on my face - something that's been sadly missing with...
  12. whats the best end can?

    Africa Twin
    looking to replace my end can from the leo vince thats on there, One thing i really hate is the sound, its really really quite, like a sports bike quiet, are there any other end cans to improve performance that sound meatier and dont need the engine tweaking? thanks
  13. Fitting a Motrax adjustable chain oiler thingy!!!!

    Right - here goes! A mate of mine kindly donated a chain oiler to me to put on my trusty steed! It is one of the electrical Motrax ones and unfortunately had a few bits missing! But using all of my cunning, guile and determination (and all of Jonno's tools, workshop and tutoring) i got it...
  14. Overhauling brake calipers makes brakes spongey: discuss

    AT had it's annual trip to the dealers (I know, I know...) for service and MOT. Collected the bike, jumped on, front brake lever almost comes back to the bar. Hmmm. Tweaking the span adjustment stops the lever coming back close to the bar, but still far more spongey than it was before it...
  15. TA Fuel Consumption

    Greeting all!! After too many years out of bikes, I am returning with a 2001 TA 650. This is my 2nd TA as I used to run a 600 many moons ago and toured it round Europe and the UK and also did off-roading with it on several occasions. Well, I was younger then and an active TRF member! Somewhere...