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  1. For Sale: conti TKC80 twinduro tyres

    For Sale / Wanted
    came off my transalp 90/90/21 & 130 / 80/ 17 rear has 5mm and front is almost new £50 but i'm in inverness so would need to be collected / posted at cost
  2. eBay: continental twinduro

    For Sale / Wanted
    found while browsing ebay, may be useful for someone with 18 inch rear wheel :) New Continental Twinduro tyres 90/90-21 & 120/90-18 off road dual sport xt xr | eBay
  3. Honda XR 125 tyres again...

    Hi, I know there are already threads out there on this dreaded topic but i haven't found any definitive answers as to what will fit, or the threads created have links to sites who don't stock the tyres any more. A search for XR125 tyres on google throws up results from XRV first so it'd be...
  4. DIY 'Pooratech' Panniers

    Bodgers Corner
    Hi there I know this has been done before, and I think I saw something on this very site last year when I was working out how to do it - although as I hadn't bought my 'Alp at that time, I wasn't otherwise aware of the excellent forum here. My main mount for the last 8 years has been a Royal...
  5. North west Posse- Tour of Bowland Clitheroe

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    A big thank you to Austin of organising this fantastic tour today and leading all the way. The scenery is breath taking and weather was kind. I am kind of local to this area but never had the opportunity to tour around before and it won't be the last. Thank you to everyone who came out today...
  6. Free: 94 xrv body panel red, tkc 80 21 tyre

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a red XRV front body panel, rider's LHS (not one in the LOGO) from 1994 AT, cracked 3/4 way thru and re - plasticwelded AND a 90/90 54S 21 Continental Twinduro TKC 80 with decent tread (8-9mm) for anyone who needs/wants to collect from E8 1PB, Cheers, Colin
  7. Honda XR 125 L Off Road Tyre Advice

    HI All, I am looking for some help with tyre selection for my XR 125L so I hope you can help me. The bike currently has the stock Pirelli MT60’s on which are absolutely no use on green lanes or mud which is what I purchased the bike for. I have found two possible replacement tyres that may...
  8. xr 125 06 For Sale Off Road Ready

    For Sale / Wanted
    Selling my xr 125 as I've done my big test and have already bought a bigger bike. Lady owner, light trail use only, 2300 miles ish, well maintained, regular oil changes etc, new continental twinduro tyres, acerbis handguards, renthal bars. This bike has never let me down, starts on the button...
  9. TKC80 Ooh suits you, Sir!

    Africa Twin
    I was thinking to treating myself to some TKC80’s but can't see which ones fit. According to the tech data, the tyres on an L to N (1990 to 1992) models are Front-90/90-21 54H Rear-130/90-17 65S Mine's an M – 1991. Busters do the front one (Continental TKC80 Twinduro 90/90 -21T) but only do...
  10. Tyres - The Definitive List

    Africa Twin
    Seeing as every biking internet forum has a tyre thread started every week, I thought it might be as well to generate a comprehensive list of tyres that fit the Africa Twin. Then we could put it in the Tech Data section, and refer newbies to it. So here's a rough guide for us to build on; Road...