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  1. Fittings for Boano Marathon Tank question

    Africa Twin
    I was lucky enough to source a slightly used Boano tank. The fasteners that were on the tank do not have the smaller "inner" piece that accepts the twist stud. Can anyone tell me if the Boano kit comes with these or does one drill out the riveted pieces on the OEM tank and use? Yjx
  2. Torque Wrenches - yay or nay? and if yes, which one?

    Mechanical Advice
    hola mes amigos, Up until now I've always been a "seat it and twist it 1/4 to 1/2 a turn" type of chap but I've found myself pondering the virtues of a torque wrench recently - however I'm somewhat put off by the price - ....but I'm also aware that a penny pinched is a thread stripped so. Do...
  3. can nyone help !!!!

    Africa Twin
    i have had a long battle to get my africa back on the road every twist has a problem ,every turn has a issue but i have never given up. i am now offically stuck . if you read the thread is my bike cursed you will see i now have a crank with brokem gear teerh . i have been advised the only real...
  4. Xr400 wont rev

    Hi Guys bought a 2002 XR400 saturday rode it home 80 miles no problems apart from getting soaked due to a storm when almost home,washed the bike next day and now it starts ok after 2/3 kicks but everytime you twist the throttle it splutters and cuts out any ideas. Cheers Nick
  5. engine is "drowning" on full throttle

    I have a new problem now :/ When I twist the throttle quickly, fully (on low rev) the engine is "drowning" (or struggling, dont know how to describe, basicly loses power) instead of rev up immediately as it used too. If I twist the throttle slower everything is fine, no power loss. Is this the...
  6. Twist the throttle

    Another re run of the series charting motorcycle manufacturers' histories for those that have not seen them on Sky today Channel 523
  7. post-rebuild issues

    Africa Twin
    1991 RD04: Engine rebuilt with new gaskets etc, carbs sonically cleaned and balanced, new cables throughout etc. Symptoms: Rough, bumpy running. Just not enough pull through all the gears. Top speed of just over 80mph, downhill (70+ uphill). At top speed final twist of the throttle loses...
  8. High Mileages,fine,but what has done to achieve them.

    All these fantastic high mileages that have been done on these fantastic bikes that we have,but nobody ever asks at what cost.So that is the question,what have you done in terms of maintenance,what have you had to do as far as larger repairs or replacements are concerned and how have you ridden...
  9. Norton Commando Transformer

    wasnt sure if this has been on here before. Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist - YouTube
  10. Very good transformer

    Saw this on the BM site, check it out. Norton Commando Transformer by Steve Twist - YouTube
  11. Twist and crash: mods warning contains graphic content

  12. The oldest trick in the book, with a twist

    YouTube - BMW S1000 RR. Dinner for RR. Nifty or what? Josh
  13. Tango twist

    Everything Orange - KTM and I stumbled over it:rolleyes:
  14. Easy assembly of Honda throttle twist grip

    Bodgers Corner
    For those of you that have struggled assembling the throttle twist grip assembly you will know that inserting the little nylon guide can be quite a PITA. I tried Yens suggestion of removing it all together but didn't like the 'hacksawing' feeling of the cable grinding on the alloy housing...
  15. Lubing the throttle twist assembly.....

    Africa Twin
    :( Mmmm, pondering this one a bit as its doing my napper in so I thought I'd ask the assembled illuminatea for some advice... I recently fitted Oxford heated grips to my @. All is well with them now that they have had some glue applied :D , but looking at the RH, (throttle) grip, it does not...
  16. New AT Buyer with a twist.

    Africa Twin
    Hi Guys, I am in the process of buying a 2000 model, X-Plate with 20k miles, topbox,Scott-oiler, tall screen and spare Remus Grand Prix from one of the board members. The plan is to export it back to South Africa for my brother, who has no ride at the moment, and cannot afford it at SA prices...