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tyre choice

  1. New member. Tyre choice help please

    Hi. I've got the XL 700 Transalp (with ABS), which I absolutely love. It's done 17k (of which I've done 10k) and ask for some tyre advise. Both tyres need renewing. The front is the original Bridgestone and the rear has lasted 10k and is the same replacement Bridgestone (as supplied from new)...
  2. RD03 tyres

    Africa Twin
    Another tyre question I/m afraid. I have been scouring threads and other forums for the answers. After this, I make up my mind. The RD03 is on army special front and Mitas C-02 rear. On the road, rear squirms and follows any imperfection and front at 60 + feels airborne. I want to run a more...
  3. Varadero & the fitting of a 180 rear tyre.

    Hi, This is how I went about about fitting a 5.5" rear wheel to a Varadero and a 180 section tyre. I have hunted for infomation online, but what I have come across is very vauge. It has been done! but ther is no information on what parts were used. I also had a spare set of wheels from a CBR...
  4. XL600r tyre choice

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    So i have just bought an 83 600r (yay) with well worn knobblies... My question is,would Anakee 2's be suitable?...i'm confused about whether i can use tubeless tyres on my tubed rims... Help....getting so confused! Cheers PS.Long time since iv'e been on this site and it still rocks!
  5. AT Refurb

    Africa Twin
    After over 5 years of ownership, thousands of miles trail riding and a few punishing weekends competing in UK rallies, I decided it was time to give my 96' AT some overdue TLC.For a start the wheel rims were rotting away on the inside so they needed immediate attention. Also a slow speed off on...
  6. 18 inch rear wheel conversion.

    hello has anyone done an 18inch rear wheel conversion? the tyre choice grows massively. anyone had issues sourcing a 17" tyre abroad? cheers
  7. Basic tyre poll - Mileage

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I thought i'd create a very basic poll on how many miles you've managed to squeeze out of a tyre (front or back, whichever went further). I'm interested to see if it's just me who can't get more than about 14000 miles without needing a replacement. I know there are a huge number of variables...
  8. Time to play with the (very) big boys...

    Good evening Varaderoites, Deroies, Varaphiles or what ever "we" call ourselves! I think this is the first time I've posted in this forum, and I'll probably ask a load of stuff that's already in here, but I can't find. Sorry in advance. I'm the newly proud owner of this big beasty, an old...
  9. An Evening Soiree Trail Ride with Mr Beddows

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Yesterday I received a text from Mike inviting me to join him for an evening trail ride around my local area in North Wales. Seemed a slendid idea, being that I'd just finished patch painting my AT following my spill a few weeks ago, & fitted a replacement screen ( Thanks to Stormforce8 for the...
  10. change time

    well the Transalp lasted about 8 months but has now been traded in for a Kawasaki Versys, nothing wrong with the Alp but didn't float my boat in performance or handling & road tyre choice was limited so back to the warm embrace of the big K:toothy10:. Guess I'll learn one day that I always end...
  11. Tyre choice 30% off 70% on road xr400

    I am going on a trip in the summer about 1500 miles 70% on A roads, I have Michelin AC 30 s on my x 400 . Was thinking about Trelleborg Army specials but have heard they are not s good on Tarmac, any suggestions? Thanks
  12. Honda 1989 AX1

    Dominator / FMX
    Posting some pictures of a Honda 1989 AX1 that I used to own as there appears to be little information on the site about these bikes. They were a Japan only bike, I think although some were imported into the UK when masses of greys were brought in, I have seen them elsewhere including Malta...
  13. More tyre choice.....

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Just when you thought the choice of tyres was bewildering enough, Dunlop go and through some new ones into the fray. Dunlop have just released their new Trailmax TR91. From their web-site news page - Trailmax TR91 Key Features • Genuine dual-purpose tyre designed to perform at the...
  14. New to @t Riding and Site

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi everybody, As mentioned, I've just bought myself a 92 RD04 last Friday (30th Oct) Bought it to replace my (05) BMW R1150RT which is just too heavy and cumbersome at low speeds. Don't get me wrong, the beemer is fantastic as a long distance tool and you can sit on it all day without too much...
  15. SLR tyre choices

    Dominator / FMX
    Ey up, has anyone got a recommendation for road biased tyres? I won't be going off piste until it stops raining here and the knobblies it has on at the moment are too exciting in the wet, looking for more wet road grip, mileage not important. ta JonC
  16. Wheel Engineer / boffin question

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    I'm looking at my ducati project sitting in the shed, problem i have at moment : CBR wheels are for 20mm spindle. The ducati spindles are 17mm. Could i fit a 20mm stainless tube into the wheels (with 1.5mm wall thickness) so the 17mm spindles would fit ???????? (the reason is its got 16"...
  17. New Transalp rear tyre

    Looking for some advice. I have a 2007 Transalp 650. It has 2700 miles on the clock and the rear tyre is looking like it needs changing. I was hoping I could call on some experinced riders who would give some advice on the best tyre to get and where to look. The front tyre is fine so it will...
  18. Why do you have your bike?

    Ok, there's been lots of bike movement recently, so lets have it - why have you chosen the bike you have? Yep, chosen. No matter what you've got, it was a choice to get it, unless of course it was one "Dad" (or Mum, obviously, or Aunt etc.) had it in the back of the garage!! (And you haven't...
  19. Tyre Choice?

    Wheels, Tyres & Tubes
    Hey there, having a bit of trouble picking an off-road rear tyre :S Running a Diztanzia set atm which don't cut it in the mucky stuff at all! :( Cos it's a dodgy size 120/90-17 all I can find are expensive TKCs and Metzelers, just wondering if anyone knows of any cheaper options? I quite like...
  20. XR400 tyre choice

    could anyone advise me on tyre choice for my xr400 ('03) i was going to go for TKC's but Protyre Bristol quoted me £200 for a pair ! So my question is are there a cheaper alternative or should i pay the £££ for the TKC's, i will be using her 70% of the time off road. Thanks :p