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  1. XRV Duffers at Ullapool National

    Was trolling the old youtube the other night, came across this classic What a bunch of useless haddies :D Couldn't organise a p1ss up in a brewery Remember it well, I managed to blag a marquee from a firm we used to deal with, dropped it off in the...
  2. ABR Ullapool Rally 27th Sept

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi Lads & Lassies Just a quick note to say that the ABR Ullapool Rally is only 2 weeks away. Everyone is welcome to come to the event , you do not even have to join ABR , just post your name here and I will pop you on the list . All the info can be found on this section of the ABR Forum ...
  3. Haggis run 9th-18th June

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Since we have not been to Scotland for a while we decided to do another Haggis run. Leave Sunday, go up to the Lake district camp there for a night. Than up the westcoast to the isle of Skye. Stay a few days on Skye than on to Ullapool via the coastal rd. Few days Ullapool than home via...
  4. To Ullapool .... and back

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I've just posted my ride report about the ABR meet in Ullapool and our adventures over on ABR under the heading "To Ullapool .... and back." Don't know how to insert a link but should be easy enough to find. Ian
  5. Mr Francis in Ullapool

    Met up with Geoff at the Loopallu music festival last Saturday I drove through in the car and my lovely wife ( the blondie in the photo :D ) drove me back home :thumbup: As usual, meeting up with Geoff is bang on, the craic was great Had a great day out, good to meet up with an old...
  6. You'll never guess who

    I'm meeting tomorrow ---- Mr Francis Geoff esq :thumbup::thumbup: He's just gone and bought a ticket for the Loopallu music festival in Ullapool and he is on site as we speak :blob8: I am heading through tomorrow, suffice to say, I won't get him in the horrible state you lot got him...
  7. Panier lost Scotland

    A member of the Gs .eu forum lost a right hand panier up in Scotland while on holiday. It happened on the 23rd of may between Dolan castle-890-832-835-Ullapool . It's a black Bmw system panier with a S,DK and USA sticker on it. If you should come across it could you please give me a shout...
  8. Ullapool July 10

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, well with having a week off work I decided a weekend away before returning to work would be nice so Fiona was advised "get the Beemer ready!" We left on Saturday morning from Elgin, Moray and headed west to Inverness. From there we headed north, SteveT's route to Ullapool was the...
  9. Getting to Ullapool in a day ????

    Im planning to visit n w scotland mid august - got 4 maybee 5 days on my own to have my ride in memory of my dad who recently passed away. Decided on Ulapool, as i missed the national last year and never been to scotland. Ulapool is about 12 hours minimum from me according to online route...
  10. I finally made it to Ullapool

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It looks like lots of us were up in Scotland last week, so here's my ha'peth. As per the norm I've got loads of photos of lay-byes and motorbikes, but hardly any of the great roads and countryside. I rode up to Ripon from Warwickshire to stay with my Dad on the Saturday and then last Sunday...
  11. Ullapool

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    I am planning on hooking up with Rob Edwards on his charity ride round the coast on the 30th. Just the job to set you up for Hogmanay :thumbup::thumbup: Anybody else want to come along ?
  12. While You Were in Ullapool..

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    (Getting my excuse in late, as usual) Couldn't attend on account of being in Corsica (not by bike though) Could be Ullapool though. Bike spotting point of interest, some lovely :hitler: engineering on posers quayside in Calvi: Anyway, the point of the thread, decided to take a trip...
  13. Ullapool National Meet 2009

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    It is loud here (just testing whether flickr video works, as I'm having trouble uploading to youtube) Hudders snoring on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  14. Help,Long route to Ullapool

    Iv managed to get a week off in Sept :D so plan to head to the National the Sat before and take my time heading round the coast. Plan (Sort of) :confused: is to head up the east coast to Aberdeen (Quickest route as i lived in Edinburgh for a year) and stay at a mate's Sat night. Sunday leave...
  15. Who is arriving early in Ullapool?

    Past National Meets
    I'm hoping to be at Ullapool on Wednesday but who else will be arriving early? Also Any idea which bit of the campsite we have? I'm hoping not to move once pitched.
  16. Ullapool Info . Map . Etc

    Past National Meets
    Hi After recently returning from the Ullapool Area. I thought it would be helpful to put together a little info about Ullapool and what to expect,(if you have not visited before). Coming from the south/east via the A835 .. You will hopefully have wonderful views up Loch Broom with Ullapool...
  17. Ullapool

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Hi all, I had a long weekend away due to the hot weather here in Scotland, (unheard of!) Set off Friday morning from Lossiemouth to Dallas, to Rafford and on to the Dava moor to Grantown. From there to Aviemore then Newtonmore for coffee and a bacon roll for lunch. Onwards down to Spean bridge...
  18. The National 2009 in Ullapool,Scotland

    Past National Meets
    Ok,its confirmed now the National will be in Ullapool this year:thumbup::D:blob7::blob7::blob7::blob7: September 11-13th,apparently no prior booking of sites is necesary but this will be confirmed later once SteveT is back from his little run with his new Vara:D:thumbup: We will go up over 2...
  19. Ullapool Trip

    Went on another weekend trip with folks from work last weekend and had a great time again. Headed off from Aberdeen and took the whisky trail through Dufftown, Grantown on Spey and onto Carrbridge, then took the A9 to inverness, it pi**ed down the whole way. Thankfully weather improved from...