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  1. Transalp
    I'm thinking of getting a U-Lock for that fits under saddle on the XL700. I see Mr. Honda's u-lock is £90. Are there any other alternatives which fit under the saddle? thanks
  2. Transalp
    Hi all...New to the site.. it looks great I have a Honda Transalp 650 (2002) Just wondering what make, size of Shackle U-lock will fit under the seat A good quality if possable. ? I have an Almax chain for home use but its to heavy to be carrying around So i pressume a shackle lock is the...
  3. Africa Twin
    Hey all... Under the seat and under the luggage rack, there are fittings to accomodate a Honda U-lock.. well, this leads me to couple of questions.... Firstly, does anyone know if the Honday U-lock (120/340) with product code 08L56 KW3 is the correct one and will it also fit under the Honda...
  4. Africa Twin
    My RD-07's top rack, standard issue Honda rack as far as i can tell, has space for a U-Lock, but the one ive got (just some random lock) is annoyingly about 1" too short (fnarr fnarr). Can anyone point me towards a U-lock they know fits?
  5. Africa Twin
    I was wondering if anyone has got one of those black rear rack u-lock holder thingies gathering dust in a shed somwhere for an RD07...and would take an offer? bike never came with one and i'm feeling left out..:crybaby: :sad3: :sad11:
  6. Transalp
    After 2 years of ownership I have just worked out where a u-lock should be stored under the seat :oops: . Trouble is my Abus Granit lock of about 1983 vintage is the wrong size. Any reccommendations?
  7. Transalp
    Just bought 2003 Transalp a couple of days ago (first bike at 43), 8,000 miles but needs a service. Leaving it at a friend's for a few days until I sit my test. I'm sure I saw a Transalp recently with a U-lock under the rear tray rather than under the seat - very handy - but I hadn't bought...
1-7 of 7 Results