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  1. XL650V exhaust what ?

    OK, Mine's a 2006 & I don't need one just yet, but looking at the rust / oxidation on it I wouldn't mind having one for when the inevitable rot happens Any ideas what i could replace it with ? Ta
  2. Collar, rr (item 6 on parts fiche)

    Part number 42312kz1670. XR600. Showing as discontinued & unavailable. Anybody know a stockist in the UK? I'd really like to make a set of stainless on the lathe tho so if you have dimensions I'll make it. Thanks Sorted - all done
  3. Lumpy the RD07a does 8 days round Europe

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Thought I would write up my little 8 day jaunt around Europe. (apologies for the upside down pictures, I have no idea how to correct them!) The start of the plan was to incorporate a few battlefields with a visit to the Izi meeting (Izi meeting) which I have been meaning to go to for a few...
  4. Rd07a outputshaft /countershaft avilaiblity

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, having inspected output shaft have noticed more wear on it since last inspection 8k ago I am about to fit a Stefter sprocket which I purchased (thanks een 205 for starting the out put shaft thread awhile ago and Massive lee for his research) as a temporary solution to my problem , as...
  5. Replacement pillion peg RD04

    Africa Twin
    My RD04 was pinched a while back. I got it back via the police which was a miracle. The right pillion peg was snapped off, hopefull when the theives broke arms crashing. I have just found myself a lovely pillion passenger, RD04 rear pegs are unavailable SH and I am ona tignh budget. So decided...
  6. Wanted: Low seat Honda Transalp 650 V6

    For Sale / Wanted
    I am looking for a low seat for my TA 650v 2006. It seems that they are unavailable from Honda now. Paul phone 01305 768828 or email [email protected]
  7. Carole Nash insurers = Dick Turpin

    I've just sold my africa twin and rang Carole Nash to cancel my insurance. I have six weeks remaining on the policy that I paid for up front last year. I was informed that there is a 50 pound cancellation charge, I expected the cancellation charge to be more than they owe me, as the telephone...
  8. For Sale: Transalp 600 Givi Pannier Racks and Givi Engine Crash Bars

    For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD Givi Monokey pannier racks (pair). Excellent condition. I had them on the bike for a year, but never actually used them. Supplied with all fixing bolts. £70 - FREE POSTAGE IN THE UK Givi Engine crash bars (pair). Generally very good condition, a few light rust patches that can...
  9. For Sale: Honda 1983 VT500E Project Classic V Twin or Flat tracker style

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    SOLD A Honda 1983 VT500E project possible Classic V Twin or Flat tracker style SOLD The bike is a Honda VT500E the ancestor of the stagger crank V twins (Africa Twin, XLV750, Transalp etc) it is 6 speed gearbox and shaft drive.. The engine and transmission are standard, engine turns over on...
  10. Summer PJ M Treasure Hunt 2011 anyone else doing it?

    Competitions / Trials
    Summer PJ M Treasure Hunt 2011 - 4th September 2011 Contact person: Marianne Walford [email protected] 01686 430522 This is designed to be a fun event for riders of all motorcycle skills. The winners of the classes may not necessarily be those with the best offroad riding skills...
  11. Oxford Products - Bad Service Alert - OF693 Hot Grip Controller Failure

    Product Reviews
    I bought a set of OF693 Hot Grips in August 2010. The smart revised push-button controller has failed even though I've only used them maybe half a dozen times. The old rotary controller was great but that's progress I suppose. So, I contacted the supplier and they are closed and on holiday...
  12. Greetings from Serbia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hello friends! I'm Zoran, from Serbia, former Yugoslavia, owner of the 1st gen Honda Transalp XL600V! I've been reading you from time to time, figured I could say something about myself, my bike, and whatever may interest you? Like I said I own one of the first (literally) Transalps ever made...
  13. Metcheck ?

    Hi, anyone else here use Metcheck, I rely on them for the weather but it won't work for me recently. All I get is 'Data Temporarily Unavailable' Is it working for you? - UK Weather Forecasts - Live Data - Long Range Weather Forecasts cheers, Bob.
  14. For Sale: 2003 Africa Twin RWB.Want one ?

    For Sale / Wanted
    Just got home and found a reason to sell one of my @'s ! I'm after PhilW's XT :) Iv'e been thinking for some time about getting a lighter bike for those days when the old bones are playin' up . So my RWB 2003 is for SALE (for the moment :rolleyes:) If Phil's bike becomes unavailable in the mean...
  15. Exhaust downpipe manufacturer

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, The downpipes on my RD04 are getting to the end of their days, so I called Honda for the cost of some replacements.The cost came back as £307 + VAT for the front pipe and 170 + VAT for the rear (not cheap). I call David Silver who said they could get the front pipe for a similar...
  16. Continental Tubes

    :cool: I have a nose in the forum shop now and again and notice the Continental 17" inner tubes are still unavailable is there any progress on a new stock I only ask as I will be in the market for a set soon. BIG D.