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  1. Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I want to change my headlamp to an LED as I’m of the understanding this will allow me more power for my spots/heated grips. Has anyone done the conversion and what or where did you buy? thanks Jamie
  2. Varadero
    Hi, has anyone tried to fit any exhausts from the current model onto the original shape XL1000? I like the sound and shape of the 2003+ Mivv exhausts but due to my basic understanding of any changes I could do with dome XRV visitors expertise. regards Geoff
  3. Riding
    I s'pose understanding French would be useful here,but if you don't, this is still a useful watch ! :) Enduro "tips & tricks" by Stephane Peterhansel - YouTube
  4. Africa Twin
    hi, i had so many different explanations to how to read a vin for AT can you please help me this is my AT vin JH2R DO7B7VM100*** i know JH2 = Japan origin RD07B - whats the B for? resitricted? how do i get rid of ristriction? Thanks
  5. Africa Twin
    I've forgotten its name, the plastic drain plug behind the engine ?? I've drained mine and supprised to find quite some water / oil 100 ml or so ... where does this water condensation come from and why ?? salut Matt