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  1. Gunson colourtune.

    I am going to buy my son one of these to help him get his carb set up on his bike once we get his CDI sorted. What do you experts thing of these as a piece of kit for a budding motorbike mechanic apprentice?
  2. Une nouvelle règle Française pour les motocyclistes ... !

    Annonce de service public: Looks like All riders of a motorcycle, scooter, trike or quad in France will have to wear motorcycle gloves from 20th November 2016 onwards. And passengers will have to wear gloves as well. So don't get caught out if you've any trips planned through France, or else...
  3. Advice needed on new Transalp wheels

    So my trusty 700 Transalp was recently in at the dealers having a small fortune spent on it - actually I think the dealers are very good, but it still makes me wince. Anyway, they pointed out to me the dreaded cracking of the wheel rims where the stainless spokes meet the ally rims. It's ok...
  4. New SD01 Owner in South Australia

    Finally got my first decent ride on this new acquired bike today. :D After a little suspension and carby tuning, I think I'm going to like it! My main concern is how much the fairing rattles and moves about on rougher tracks. Not sure what I can do about it, though. It came with lots of...
  5. New guy from Barossa Valley South Australia

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi all, Go back 16 years..... I was walking with my wife and saw my first XL1000V. I definitely remember saying how it looked like something I'd like to own. Last Saturday, I bought one on a whim. :D It's a1999 model with 64000km on the clock, genuine luggage, 2 screens, Ohlins shock, SWM...
  6. For Sale: RD07a maybe for sale

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, Been trying to get my life a little more sorted and I'm considering selling my AT as I just don't have time to ride and it's just collecting dust. Bought last year and re-built over the winter down. All the previous bodges have now been sorted and a fortune spent on new parts. See the...
  7. re-jetting on the bike.

    Dominator / FMX
    Quick question. Has anyone ever re-jetted their bike while the carb is still on the bike? I've got a adjustable Super trap exhaust on my Dommie and I know I can tune to match the carb with that, but I've found a setting that I love the sound of. Not too loud but enough of barrrrrp. So I...
  8. Gunson Colortune

    Africa Twin
    Has anyone used one of these with any success? I'd like to set my @ and CBR1000F as close to perfect as possible. I thought this might be easier than the turn it a bit and listen for the rise and fall, especially on the 4 cylinder jobbie
  9. Jittering on throttle roll off

    Africa Twin
    Hi guys lookingto pick the brains of the gurus among you. Still have a problem when I roll off the throttle with coughing (that's the bike it me! Ha ha ). Bike accelerates and runs great but when you get to say 70 and start to roll off the throttle to maintain speed the bike seems to cough it's...
  10. Wanted: Rd04 pannier rack

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi Guys. Looking for RD04 pannier rack witch one wouldn't cost a fortune. Can be second handed. Thanks Val
  11. For Sale: Having a clearout... XR Acerbis tank, Rox risers, Renthal bars, Baja 250 project!

    For Sale / Wanted
    So it would turn out that preparing an RD07A for use in rallying is both a drain on time and funds! That and when im not working on the thing i'm riding the wheels off it working on my own skills. So as a result of that (and the fact that we really need the space) i'm having a clear out... And...
  12. Carb tuning

    I am about to try and tune my flatside carb when I get my bike started :D:D:D I used one of these on an old Z650 I had alongside a balancer guage I have. Do you reckon this will work on my Keihin FCR flatside that I want on my Dommie. I know these days we have gone digital with Co2 but I love...
  13. Popping on overrun.

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, had my RD07A for a carb tune because she was running extremely rich (black sparkplugs front and rear). Got her back and immediately on my way home, she was popping on decel. I've turned the pilot screws all wich ways with no luck. Had a proper look for air leaks (carb rubbers and...
  14. Transalp Newbie

    Hello all, Recently purchased a 95 transalp 600 to give me a break from my daily drive Vivaro van. I didn't want to spend a great deal, just something cheap, reliable and could be used all round, all weather. When it showed up for sale on gumtree locally, I took the plunge. £600 bought me a...
  15. 1 Wire O2 Sensor

    Dominator / FMX
    Getting all technical now. Has anybody played with a 1 wire O2 sensor? I've read about tuning houses putting a sensor into the downpipe of a carburated engine to help tune the carburettor (I think it was mentioned in the thread on this forum about a Mikuni flatslide). I was wondering about...
  16. Advice and options on exhaust for XL600V. Pics and price inside!

    Been lookin around for a new exhaust for my 96 XL600v and so fare I am down to these options.( I guess these will fit all 600 from 87 and up) The Fuel Diablo S\S at 215£ Transalp XL600V Exhaust Diablo Brushed s s Oval UK Road Legal Carbon Outlet | eBay The Dominator S\S at 199£ Dominator...
  17. RD04 prices

    Africa Twin
    is it just summer making the prices rise? or are people finally copping on to the fact that they are actually a bit of a bargain? mine with a rebuilt motor, new wheels, new cdi, mosfet, crash bars, alpos panniers etc etc etc must be worth a fortune!
  18. Instrument panel faulty

    HI I have had an ongoing problem with my instrument panel going wonky. At present the instrument panel has power and the lights are on but the rev counter is stationary, no speedo, no fuel gauge, no odometer ect. There are occasions when I'm on the bike and for a brief second the rev counter...
  19. RD 07 New Wheel Rims

    Africa Twin
    I've had the misfortune to replace my front wheel rim due to corrosion from the inside, a common fault for a bike that's 23 years old. Trying to get a replacement via David Silver but the said rim or rims are no longer available, tried Mr EBAY but what was available was very expensive for some...
  20. Powercommander modell 2010 and newer

    I´m checking out the PC-page and there is pcV(16-006) and also Autotune AT-200 only for modell 2003-2009. Is there anybody who has fitted on newer or knows it´s the same for modell 2010 and newer Powercommander Varadero...