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  1. Been Away

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi, I've been living in Thailand for the last 14 years and just recently returned to the UK, but still making regular trips back to Thailand whenever I get the opportunity. How long I'm going to stay is anybody's guess and at the moment I'm looking around for an XRV750, I have my eye on...
  2. Shock removal

    Dominator / FMX
    I have a Hagon shock absorber on my Dommie. I had an advisory on my recent MOT for “rear suspension bush has slight free play Rear Lower" so I'm going to take the opportunity to get it rebuilt by Hagon as it has done over 20,000 miles. I've never removed a shock before, so I'm looking for help...
  3. Yet another silly video.....again!

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, I eventually bought the Batzen Screen Adjuster for the AT CRF1000L :D Seemed a good opportunity for another video...... Have a laugh, might have been slightly hung-over :thumb: Oh, mic went dodgy in places....
  4. K2 Off Road Rally Kielder Forest, Scottish Borders - Anyone going?

    Africa Twin
    Hi all, Anyone doing the K2 in Kielder this year? There's not that much info on-line but sounds fun :thumb: Wondering if anyone has done this before or is riding it this year????? Good opportunity to get your bike dirty and not get kicked-off the trails!?? Dirtbike-Action
  5. the original road atlas- JOHN OGILBY'S BRITANNIA, 1675

    Great Roads/Routes
    I brought a book from a charity shop -The Southwest Highway Atlas for 1675 by Paul White. He had gone through the routes in the south west of England shown in JOHN OGILBY'S BRITANNIA, 1675 and attempted to relate them to current roads/tracks/paths. Googleing -ogilby britannia atlas- brings up a...
  6. Christmas greetigs

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all where ever you may be in the real world a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful new year from myself and my lad here in Denmark. Glaedilig jul of godt nytår.:thumbup:
  7. For Sale: Honda nx650 (street tracker) parts, excel r17 wheels

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hello, Parting out my project bike Honda Dominator street tracker and have almost all stock parts. Engine is sold Excel R17 wheel (front 3,5` rear 4,25`) with tires and brake disk 400e Honda CG125 tank 120e Stock tank 40e Carb 60e Rear shock 40e Front forks 100e Stock seat 40e For other parts...
  8. Washable oil filter - anyone?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello. I have being lately doing some maintenance to my dominator and in this opportunity is time for the oil filter. I was browsing online that there are some washable oil filter, basically a oil filter that you could clean and reuse like the k&n air filter, made from stainless steel...
  9. Have anyone tried the dominator exhaust?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hello Guys In this opportunity i wanted to know if anyone have experience with this exhaust system or According to ebay both are for honda NX650 dominator. I'm planning to buy it for my dommi, but i wanted to know if anyone have tried already? Any recommendation? and the last thing what is...
  10. VFR750FK now a classic

    Other Honda
    An early VFR750 was advertised locally so went to have a look and brought it. These early models can now be used on VMCC runs (over 25 years old) and insurance is cheap. I have owned a VFR400 and a VF500 in the past so an opportunity to try the real thing. It came with full touring equipment of...
  11. wiring digram

    Africa Twin
    Hello AT riders and happy new year, my quest is; does anyone got the wiring diagram for the XRV750 1998 RD07a. I totaly rebuilt the bike and I've got some issues now and only a proper wiring diagram can solve my problems. If someone has it please attach it before 16/01/2016 because I will leave...
  12. Bargain DID rims on eBay

    Africa Twin
    If anyone is in a quest for rear rim this is a good opportunity. It is for TA700 but it should fit AT since it is 32 holes. I've ordered one for myself EDIT: Deleted wrong link
  13. Welding aluminium

    Mechanical Advice
    One of the two bolt holes that the sprocket cover fixes to on my XL600 is broken. Not just a stripped thread, a chunk of the boss the tapped hole resides in is MIA. I should have sorted this while the engine was apart but I didn't. I tried JB Weld and it was useless. I have to pull the engine...
  14. Happy output shaft!

    Africa Twin
    Thought I'd take the opportunity to check out my output shanft as my mechanic is fitting my new rear wheel, bearings, front and rear sprocket and giving her a service. I have to say I was very pleased with what I saw, they look 'as new' to me. The bikes only done 15k but you are never sure...
  15. Approaching Calais

    News reports of desperate fellows, intent upon getting across the water to the Uk, attempting to gain access to cars, vans and trucks that are queuing for the ferry at Calais. During their approach to the Calais ferry/tunnel terminals, have any returning motorcyclists experienced problems with...
  16. Bike Trip 2015- anyone free??!

    OK people back on grid and musing over the idea of a trip- with people I dont! Sniper will be putting in an appearance-he will have a passport by then! What I'm looking for- 1.People happy to be filmed- it will be again released on Youtube 2.People prepared to have a go at...
  17. Warning ford be careful

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    This looks innocent enough doesn't it? But dont be fooled when the experts say walk it first there is a reason We where having a great day out somewhere near Kirby Steven and came across this, Rdonson and myself. Take note of all the green slime built up on the concrete. We thought we knew...
  18. For Sale: WitoMoto Screen Extender

    For Sale / Wanted
    Used on my AT and RT VGC 35 euros +P&P Doesn't seem to be available any more from WitoMoto, so a rare opportunity:thumbup:
  19. 700 tank/fairings

    Well I've had the new steed 5 days now, so just had to start stripping it down for a closer look. The 650 fairing is a little more involved, but I'd say it's easier, the 700 seems a bit mind boggling the first time :compress: I was a little disappointed to find how the fairing acts as a dirt...
  20. Engine differences between RD07A(-98) and RD04(-91)

    Africa Twin
    Hi, Last summer I had some sort of engine failure with my AT (weird noise from the lower part of the engine). At least some bearing failure with the clutch has been solved. Anyway I am afraid that this is not the main reason for the sound.. I have't put the engine back to one piece yet and...