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  1. Wanted: I would like a Africa TWin please .

    For Sale / Wanted
    Happy new year to all of you. Right. I would like an AFrica twin please. Limited funds unfortunately got two daughters at university! Would like a clean tidy low mileage one if possible. DOnt know how realistic that is but I've got a week to try and sort a new bike as I have moved jobs. If...
  2. Africa Twin in lufbra

    Spotted last night 23rd May @ c. 19.00 . Beautiful RWB AT (RD07 I think) riding along the ring road (Epinal Way) towards the university. Brought me a smile after a thankless day at work...
  3. University of Surrey, School of Electronics

    Africa Twin
  4. University of Surrey, School of Electronics

    Who is it? 8) Black AT with Touratech seat...