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  1. Time to update my signature.

    Watched the 9s roll over as I was crossing the Tamar yesterday. Looking forward to the next 10k. Not the greatest pic. There's a piece of crud obscuring the hundred thousand miles.
  2. To Mongolia and back

    Kept meaning to post this. I am currently on a trip with my SD01 Vara to Mongolia and back to Ireland. Currently in Irkutsk and should be in Mongolia Friday all going well. Will update with more pics when I am safely in UlaanBattar No man is truly married until he understands every word...
  3. Wanted: Update maps for garmin 500

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi as anybody got a sd card with latest maps for garmin 500 that they dont want I dont want to pay £40 from ebay as I can buy a sat nav for thatlol
  4. Carbs worn

    Africa Twin
    Just a bit of an update. I sent my carbs off to nrp to have the float valve looked at, turns out the carb body is while I am waiting for this to be repaired I went and bought an 05 plate pan European. I,ll post some pix when I pick it up. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  5. There and back again. A tale of 2 tall Hobbits

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    So far so gut. Arrived in Passau at the hotel now so will update later. We only had one minor "Panier incident":rolleyes::toothy10:
  6. Doon Under (As we say in Aberdeen)

    Hello folks. Just a wee update from this fantastic country. Lots of Harleys and riders in full Badass gear. Must be sweltering There are roads here that are the stuff of dreams. Winding up and down the mountains. However!..... The winds can be fearsome and the rain that usually accompanies...
  7. DR's

    Hi all, now I know there is a lot of expertise here, so should I 350 or 400? Two Im lookingat both have bigger tanks, sowhat would best suit? Which has better road manners foran odd wild camp foray over to wales? The350 would leave a nice little wedge to fancifying or indeed update my 20 yr old...
  8. What size air filters?

    Africa Twin
    My bike is no longer standard and I want to update it further. I want to fit K&N style pod filters to the carbs so i can utilise the space currently in use by the standard air system. Anyone fitted them before? Size?
  9. 3 in 1

    Mechanical Advice
    Do people still use this? Is it superseded by other stuff? I guess, I posted recently 'bout ACF, not as a versus against WD40; just a question 'bout efficacy? Halfords still knock out 3 in 1 cheaply, is that just a little bit of nostalgia for the ol' folks, or is it still viable in this day...
  10. Android Phone Security

    Settings update: This may be of interest to all Android users. The most important thing you can do with your Android phone right now | Computerworld Blogs Very simple and easy security update that has been included by Google recently...ish. Well worth doing if you are travelling, or indeed at...
  11. Nitron Extreme rear shock test updated

    Africa Twin
    Update here
  12. Disappointing reply from Suusex Police regarding the theft of my bike ..

    My motorcycle theft update from Sussex Police = ..................................................................................................................... Dear Jon Nash, We will not be requesting that officers actively look for your motorcycle because we don't have the man power and...
  13. Photo licence heads up

    It would appear some police forces have been prosecuting people for not having a licence when their photo is out of date, which is wrong it is only the picture that is out of date, your licence runs until you are 70 on most categories, BUT it is an offence not to update the picture every ten...
  14. Fixed penalties to increase from next month

    Just had the latest update from VOSA Department for Transport have recently announced that fixed penalty levels are expected to increase from July 2013. The changes are being introduced following an extensive public consultation which took place in 2012 with the road safety groups and Police...
  15. Haggis the 3rd

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Ok so just a bit of packing up this morning and of we went. As usual we only packed essentials for our little trip After a decent ride we arrived at jellys to meet up with Hudders, Carol wnd digi. Good to see Russ back on a bike, just a shame he needs help to get out of a chair:rolleyes...
  16. Electrical work in Surrey

    Discounts / Deals
    Offering XRV members competitive rates on electrical work in and around Surrey and surrounding counties. I'm a time-served electrician who took a 'proper' apprenticeship in 2008 and worked my way to becoming fully qualified to City and Guilds standards (2330 and the gold standard 2391...
  17. Wanted: Bolts for RD07A alternator case access plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    Per the thread title, I'm trying to find replacements for the three bolts that retain the RD07A alternator/stator casing access plate. From memory the bolts are about 90-95mm long and half plain, half threaded. Fiche no. MV13-E1000A shows them as parts #13 and #14. I'll update here once I've...
  18. Corbines Sahara trip - Update

    Hi Guys, I received word from Corbine this morning that he has reached the ferry terminal and will be heading down to Spain. Corbine will be taking an easy pace after what can only be described as a disastrous start. The blog can be found here tin tin to tan tan | adventure motorcycle ride...
  19. Calendar

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Is there any chance that people update the calendar with events local or national. I think even the national wasn't in there or am I missing something. As a person on the edge of the mainstream membership and not always online it would be useful. Or am I looking at the wrong calendar?:)
  20. Baron Von Grumble

    Gsxr 1000 off road :D Baron von Nightmare - GSXR Off Roading... - YouTube Part 1 GSXR Off Road damage update - YouTube Part 2