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  1. ULEZ Question....

    Has anyone successfully got TFL to exempt their bikes from the new ULEZ charge? In Dec TFL said my XL650 was exempt from the charge and their "database would be updated to reflect this". So....The ULEZ charge starts in just 3 weeks and their database still shows my bike as being liable for...
  2. 1998 RD08 Wheel Offset

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi, I'm in the process of rebuilding both front and rear wheels on my 1998 RD08, problem is I've only got the 88-89 manual. According to this manual the front wheel offset is given as 22.25mm from the disk to the rim, this is probably ok for my '98 as nothing much changed from the RD02 model on...
  3. Upgraded brakes

    Africa Twin
    Has anybody updated the brakes on an africa twin ? What did you use ? Anybody able to do this in the kent/ Essex area, and a rough cost ? Thanks
  4. EBC HH pads vs stock

    Hello friends, anyone has any updated feedback regarding the EBC HH vs stock one for Vara ABS ? Is the material really too hard that consume the rotor faster than stock? how far faster ? 10k faster? more/less ? i bought it as it was more than 30% cheaper didnt install it yet.. but the rotor is...
  5. Nitron Extreme rear shock test updated

    Africa Twin
    Update here
  6. Wanted: PC small form factor

    For Sale / Wanted
    I'm after an old PC. Preferably a small form factor with a dual core processor. Anyone got anything sitting around that they've given up on, or updated?? Ideally I want a freebie or something extremely cheap, as I don't actually know if it'll do what I want it to do. I may be able to offer...
  7. Got photos on facebook?

    Well, if you do have then take them down now. Facebook's photo-sharing site Instagram has updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users' photos to advertisers without notification. From the BBC - Instagram wants right to sell users' photos to advertisers. What lovely people...
  8. Anyone ever "updated" the RD04 rear end?

    Africa Twin
    Just curious like, I actually want to trim it right down, lose the bolt on subframe and rear piece but retain the side panels, but it all bolts to itself so to speak. Ideas?
  9. Wanted: Autocom intercom

    For Sale / Wanted
    With the lad getting his first big bike I'm looking for an autocom intercom and headset. Any of you folk who have updated to bluetooth devices have one sitting in a drawer. Beer tokens waiting.
  10. Galloway Stickers 2012

    Austin's Adventures
    Is there much demand for 2012 stickers? Price will hopefully be the same as last year (£2.00 each) but hopefully I can get them sorted out for the event and bring them with me meaning no postage or paypal charges Size will be the same as last year (15cm x 8cm) and will be basically last years...