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  1. Africa Twin RD03 Conversion Value

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I am in the middle of converting my US-spec Transalp to an Africa Twin RD03. The frame and most parts carry over to both models. I am using all original Africa Twin parts when possible and upgrade parts elsewhere. All parts are being powder coated or refurbished. In the end...
  2. Finally got an RD03 in the USA

    Africa Twin
    After years of waiting (and converting my Transalp to as close to a RD04 as possible) I've finally got an RD03 here in the States. It's an early one with 0000996 serial number and looks to have come from Germany through the hands of my friend and collector/restorer, screen name "Ujeni"...
  3. XR650L oil pump into an RD08 dommie?

    Dominator / FMX
    Hey chaps, I've just obtained an XR650L oil pump (15100-MY6-670) I understood this to be a worthwhile upgrade from the standard NX5650 oil pump But it doesn't seem to fit. Help! Update: It does fit following some minor mods outlined later on in this thread.
  4. XRV Spark Plug Upgrade??

    Africa Twin
    So the standard plug for the XRV is DPR8EA-9, You can also get iridium plugs DPR8EIX-9. But there also exists the laser iridium plug that is the best plug available on the market, the new CRF Africa Twin uses this plug and the service intervals for spark plugs is 48,000km Does anybody here...
  5. RD08 NX650 Chain and Sprockets

    Dominator / FMX
    Looking to rder some chain and sprockets for my 2000 model nx650 build. Anyone know the difference between these two?? one says its an upgrade kit, but is less than £5 dearer??
  6. Dominator 650 front wheel fit Transalp 600

    Hi all from across the pond, I'm the lucky owner of an 1989 TA 600. I'm getting ready to upgrade the front and rear end to RD04 specs. I'm looking for another rim I can a lace to my new hub while leaving the bike together. So is a 650 Dominator front rim the same as a TA? Thanks for the...
  7. RD03 Headlight Upgrade

    Africa Twin
    My 89 has RD04 H4 headlights in it. I'm thinking of changing out the bulbs for LED bulbs like these - I've read threads where people have used the cheap Chinese LED bulbs without problems. Anyone running them on...
  8. LED indicators

    Africa Twin
    I wanted to buy a pair of rear indicators but the front look a little worn out too so i think i will go the LED route found a set in china for under 7 pounds with a relay any one else bought a set from the east ? Wanted to keep it original but i fugure it would be a wise upgrade better to be...
  9. o7 crf 250r front end ..

    Africa Twin
    I have a crf 250 r front end complete wheel too i do need a caliper and m/cylinder but i am toying with the idea of an upgrade .I will wait until i have at least ridden my AT (which i have yet to do )but if any one has actual experience in this conversion i would be interested in hearing how it...
  10. Transalp 650 Rear Indicators upgrade to LED???

    I need to replace my rear indicators on my 07 Transalp 650 as I have snapped one off when I dropped bike (Doh). i was thinking of upgrading to LED whats peoples thoughts? is it easy to do? need some advice?
  11. For Sale: Transalp 600 stuff...

    For Sale / Wanted
    see these two threads
  12. Transalp 600 stuff for sale...

    all prices include UK postage. contact me for shipping elsewhere (EU, USA, Aus, NZ etc) Single disc front brake disc upgrade adapter. £59 posted these are over £100 when new, they are custom made in the USA it allows a bigger front disc to be fitted - eg from an NTV 650 Revere/Deauville...
  13. Transalp 600 rally upgrades

    Hello gentleman, I have picked up old 600 with good motor 55000 miles on the clock really cheap with intentions to build up myself rally bike for fun. Everything is tired on the bike, so looking for advises of improving or replacing forks and rear shock. Any advice welcome. Plan for this bike...
  14. Open consultation: Improving moped and motorcycle training

    Summary: Changes to moped and motorcycle training to make sure newly-qualified riders are better prepared for riding on modern roads. Should motorcyclists be able to upgrade their licence to ride larger bikes by taking a training course, instead of having to take more tests ? Give your views...
  15. One more question about suspensions!!!

    Africa Twin
    Hi, I have a RD07, completely original and in good shape, only some minor cosmetic issues. I found and bought an USD forks & the respective triple clamps from a 950 Adventure. I see a guy that kept the same wheel, discs, speedometer, in summary only swapped the forks and the triple clamps...
  16. LED upgrade

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi All, I want to change my headlamp to an LED as I’m of the understanding this will allow me more power for my spots/heated grips. Has anyone done the conversion and what or where did you buy? thanks Jamie
  17. Top box fitting

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all new to the forum I have a 2001 fmx650 Vigor which is fitted with the standard Honda plate and a small Honda top box . Am looking to upgrade the top box does any one know does the standard plate fit a givi mono lock system ? If so what models of givi does it Fit ? Or what other makes of...
  18. YSS PD Valve for Dominator 650

    Dominator / FMX
    I want to upgrade the front fork of my Dommie, but i cannot find which YSS PD valve is for the bike. Any info? Thank's in advance
  19. TRANSALP 2002 Brake lines

    Recently acquired this bike and wish to upgrade the front brake hoses as the original ones are showing signs of age. Checked out Venhill (2 hose race kit): Goodridge (2 hose race kit): Wemoto (3 hose standard set up). Confused as to which I should go for. Doesn't the standard system go thro' a...
  20. My quandary.

    Africa Twin
    Hello peeps, this is the third time of trying to post, The chain snapped on my transalp. last week, got away with it, but the sprocket cover bracket bent so a new cover required.My quandary is, l have a complete replacement Africa twin swingarm, wheel and brake, should I upgrade...