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  1. Seat cover/upholsterer

    Africa Twin
    I bought a sear cover off eBay and when it arrived it doesn't fit as my seat is aftermarket, I have rang three local furniture upholsters and none were even ingested in seeing it. Basically I'm looking for someone to fit the cover as it's really good quality and I love the design Anyone know of...
  2. Seat cover/ recover

    Africa Twin
    I recovered my seat a couple if years ago, (one of the wemoto ones). My seat is non standard and so was a real stretch getting it on. But the side affect is that a few years on, it's starting to come apart at the seams. Anyway the long and short of it, I am looking at getting it done by a seat...
  3. Seat needs recovering. your thoughts appreciated

    Africa Twin
    My seat 1997, RD07 is getting very tired and is splitting along the seams. I have a few options, buy a secondhand seat. Probably worn. Get mine recovered. A local upholsterer has offered to do it in vinyl for 'about £60.00' Buy a cover I have seen these on fleabay in leather BLACK & GREY CUSTOM...
  4. Making Dommie seat really comfortable but only for long legs!

    Dominator / FMX
    Always found the standard seat uncomfortable after a while + having v long legs the knee angle ( seat to footpeg ) wasn't good either. I realized a taller more plush seat would be the answer but kept pondering how to go about it. Eventually I bought a knackered seat off ebay for peanuts ( cover...
  5. Bessy's (TA600) rebuild project

    I'm really close to finish my beloved Bessy's rebuild project, so I decided it's time to post some pictures here. ( more pictures can be found here: Bessy's resurrection ) Before Fairing removed, wheels sent to rebuild Brakes More bits and parts came off Seat refurbished (upholsterer...
  6. How many hours in the saddle, a day is enough?

    Africa Twin
    Hello all, I am thinking, rather than how many miles in a day would you do on tarmac. However, more along the lines of, how many hours can you sit on the seat? I know the AT isn't renowned for the most comfortable seat there is, so how many hours is enough. Is there an alternative seat for...
  7. Seat rebuild

    Bodgers Corner
    I've got my hands on a gel pad and a sheepskin saddle cover both from the horsey part of fleabay:thumbup::thumbup:, the sheepskin has a fabric back so straps are going on to that and pose no problem, But I want to put the gelpad under the seat vinyl is this a job I could do meself or should I be...
  8. seat

    Africa Twin
    Hi and welcome. My seat amongst others was uphlostered by GA Wells & Son. As you say its probably not worth sending it to them, you need to find somewhere near to you. Any automotive upholsterer should be able to do it. When GA Wells did mine they took the cover off. Drew a pen line taking off...