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  1. For Sale / Wanted
    I had an uprated Ohlins spring with adaptors fitted by Kais in Atherton before our Greece trip back in '08 (blimey!). Stock spring rate is 13.2kg/mm as I recall, the Ohlins 15kg/mm and it does carry the weight better without being hard/harsh solo. £70 posted. I can fit to a decent spare...
  2. Africa Twin
    Well dropped the Mrs and daughter off at the airport on Tues for a week away woop woop ! Anyway been to busy to set aside a day or 2 messing with this front end .... well i got it bolted up and everything fitted great .... The forks ATM are out the top of the yokes 20mm im thinking...
  3. Transalp
    So some people have mentioned that their TA700 seems very softly sprung, and I'm much in the same boat myself. I don't really have any issues with solo riding as I'm a bit of a featherweight myself, but with 'her-indoors' on the back there seems a lot of sag, even with the compression as hard...
  4. For Sale / Wanted
    I have a 650 Transalp seat which is surplus to requirements and a hyperpro uprated spring Seat Good condition £45 plus P&P Spring new and unused £85 new £45 plus P&P
  5. Transalp
    Bit of fun this eve on the lathe :-) P2030024.jpg Photo by pedracer | Photobucket Springs uprated (shorter) by 10% not really enough, may go further later, oil changed for 10wt, will go to 15wt next. 63.4mm spacer.
  6. XR
    Im in a bit of dilemma as to what to do to stiffen my suspension front and back on my 400. im nearly 14 stone so not a light rider. My intention this new year is to join ride off road and start doing a few events kids permitting.... I would like to stiffen up my full suspension as im finding it...
  7. XR
    Is there much chance anyone would agree to swap a xr650r for my xr400r, or is the value too different between the two? Its good condition, low mileage (8000km) everything working with a battery added, trailtech x2 headlight, uprated 200w stator and good tyres. My licence is upgrading to a full...
  8. Dominator / FMX
    I am just in the process of overhauling my forks for the tracker build. The forks have uprated springs in but they have always seemed very soft . Is it worth using different fork oil???? I know the manual lists ATF but it seems so thin :o
  9. XR
    I was doing the valve clearances on my XR650R yesterday and when I took the ignition cover off I noticed that all the poles on the stator were wrapped in wire. The stuff I have read online suggests that only their should be 2 spark coils and 4 generator coils. Im hoping mine is already uprated...