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  1. Newbie with new XL350.

    Hi, just joined this forum as I have just bought a very nice imported ( USA ) 1972 XL 350 that was restored 11 years ago and not been used since. It has been part of a private collection including a Vincent Black Shadow. Plan to put oil down the plug hole for a few days and see how the engine...
  2. Finally got an RD03 in the USA

    Africa Twin
    After years of waiting (and converting my Transalp to as close to a RD04 as possible) I've finally got an RD03 here in the States. It's an early one with 0000996 serial number and looks to have come from Germany through the hands of my friend and collector/restorer, screen name "Ujeni"...
  3. RDO7 Parts source in the USA?

    Africa Twin
    I'm in Utah USA and need engine parts for my RD07 Can anyone suggest a parts source in the US or someone in UK / EU that ships to the US? References good or bad would be appreciated. Anyone who can suggest a good shop to do valve work on the heads here in the US would also be appreciated...
  4. Carb Jetting on UK XR400R 2004

    To improve starting, I'd like to take the carb back to the original (UK) settings. I have a manual showing Main Jet 142 and Slow Jet 52. However, the manual appears to be for USA models. Would UK models have been fitted with the same jets?
  5. Carb Jetting on UK XR400R 2004

    XR Technical Specs
    To improve starting, I'd like to take the carb back to the original (UK) settings. I have a manual showing Main Jet 142 and Slow Jet 52. However, the manual appears to be for USA models. Would UK models have been fitted with the same jets?
  6. honda XL500R Top End Replacement

    Hi member ...Blackbirdflyer....hopeing to pick your collective Honda brains....Rebuild project.... Honda XL 500R 1982....Camshaft split with top end requiring replacement including camshaft. Where would you suggest that I start....all breakers so far have turned up a blank....any...
  7. Is there no CRF1000 chat on this Forum

    Africa Twin
    Am I not looking hard enough or is there no section for CRF 1000 on this forum ? The other dedicated CRF 1000 forum Iv'e found seems to be tailored to the USA rider. Wheres the best place to discuss on this side of the pond ?
  8. New Rider with 1990 TransAlp XL600v in USA

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hello! After 30 years of pretty serious bicycle riding, I just decided a couple of months ago i'm ready to ride a motorcycle. I geared up, took a basic rider course, put a few miles in on a friends little 250 Suzuki and after a month of intensive searching, found a beautiful, close to stock and...
  9. ISO Australian XRV or Taller Dualsport: Buy, Rent or Trade for American SW XRV750

    Africa Twin
    Australian XRV Riders, Hello. I hope this post finds you well. I am about to finish a two month tour of New Zealand and will visit Australia for three to six months. During my tour of New Zealand, I was fortunate to purchase XRV750 (RD04) with local support. I have owned a couple Africa...
  10. Wanted: Looking for XRV750 RD07 wiring harness and blue/purple side covers

    For Sale / Wanted
    The 4 connector plug that plugs into the primary power fuse block on my RD07 melted on the bumpy roads in Ukraine. Still functions, but its pretty melted and nasty. Looking for that connector along with a few inches of wiring so I can replace or mine, or if you have an old complete wiring...
  11. Transalp 600 stuff for sale...

    all prices include UK postage. contact me for shipping elsewhere (EU, USA, Aus, NZ etc) Single disc front brake disc upgrade adapter. £59 posted these are over £100 when new, they are custom made in the USA it allows a bigger front disc to be fitted - eg from an NTV 650 Revere/Deauville...
  12. 600 single disc brake upgrade bracket for sale!

    600 single disc brake upgrade kit for sale! sold
  13. XR400 E-Start Wiring Help

    I am progressing very slowly with my XR400 E-Start conversion.....I'm rubbish at electrics, but the engine now turns over on the button :) I have found a break in the insulation on a wire running to the regulator (The copper core is fine and unaffected). I could cut the wire further back and...
  14. Parts for XL250R 86 (84-87) where in UK is best?

    Hello XL chaps, Ive been on the XRV forum for a while but mainly rebuilding a XL600V, however have just taken on a 86 XL250R for some off-road training im doing this summer. Parts are proving an issue in the UK and the US parts are often more expensive to ship than the part itself ! Anyone got...
  15. HONDA XL 250R 1986. MD11: Broken kickstart

    Hello All, This is a new member here to ask for advice. Sadly, am unable to offer advice as the bike is my son's and I've just started taking an interest. Hope that's OK. The kickstart broke recently and it seems difficult to find a replacement outside the USA and for big bucks. I don't have...
  16. Aid to oil & maintaining chain when touring

    I made this after seeing a thing on google from the USA called a pack a jack but couldnt find them in the uk,the idea is you can lift your back tyre off the ground by about 1 inch so you can spin the rear wheel to wipe the chain down and re lube,i made it for touring when i had a street tripe...
  17. Restored RD03 on Tour with Honda

    Africa Twin
    In September, Honda USA contacted me asking for a restored RD03 to go on tour across the country along side the new CRF1000L Africa Twin. I was happy to provide one of my RD03s of course, but the catch was that I would need to restore the bike in about 45 days. Thats a lot of work! This...
  18. An XR650L I built.

    I've bought a few of these now and have been bringing them back to 'better than new' standard. They're such a rare bike here and such a bloody fantastic bike too. Why we never got them here is a mystery. They're still produced and sell well in USA, Aus and South Africa. Unchanged since 1993...
  19. Just in time

    Africa Twin
    Fitting a MOSFET Reg/Rect has been on my to do list for some time. All the bits arrived from the USA a few days ago so decided I would do the upgrade even though (I thought) the OEM was fine. I'm glad I did because the Alternator connector was showing signs of burning even though it was perfect...
  20. My next bike project.

    I just got back from Germany visiting a mate who has had his Triumph T120 Tiger TR6 650 parked in his spare room for 20 yrs. He bought the bike in the USA and was promised it had a genuine 20000 miles on it..........They lied. He told me it was running fine the last time he rode it and it only...