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  1. Wanted: TA Wanted

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    I'm looking for a Transalp 600 , in good useable condition , What have you got ?
  2. Is there an aftermarket air filter for 650 Transalp? The holy grail is a washable one

    The paper element air filter in my 650 TA is on its last legs. I moved from the UK to Aus a few years ago, so I get to trailride in deserts occaisionally, which means that cleaning the airfilter can be a daily task as they get really clogged on the very dry dusty days. The ideal would be one...
  3. Free: Yep FREE; Up & Over garage door

    For Sale / Wanted
    In decent useable condition, all cables, rollers, spring etc in good order The handle has a bit broken, not sure if we have a key for it but the barrel is easily replaced & can be still locked from inside. Needs a bit of a clean up. The door itself measures; 7' wide but needs a 7'5" (min)...
  4. Free: TA 600 belly (undercowl) for free, useable condition

    For Sale / Wanted
    the previous owner made the side holes bigger than it should be, i don't like it, so just bought a replacement one, otherwise nothing wrong. can be collected from Northolt
  5. Sold: Fs: Zzr 1100

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    ZZR 1100 Hi all, I'm advertising this on behalf of a friend, Kev, who's in the process of buying Barftones 'Blade. This bike is R reg, superb allround condition & very well looked after, not winter commuted, alway's garaged & has been gently ridden. It's done 33,792 miles, many of which...
  6. First decent shakedown

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Bright and cold was the forecast . Just as well the Tenere has heated grips Took a ride out Tintern way. The Ten is impressing me on a Motorway, windblast is less than the Transalp and a lot less noise, maybe just a touch of air coming over the top of the standard screen but not so bad as to...
  7. Increasing fuel range!

    Bodgers Corner
    Even before I bought the X Country, one thing that would be an issue for me is the measly 7ltr 'to reserve' tank - circa 110 to 115 miles but there was so much that I liked about the bike adding extra fuel capacity was not the end of the world. After a little thought here is the result - stand...
  8. Honda confirms CRF250L for UK

    CRF - New Forum!
    Honda today confirms that the CRF250L, revealed for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in November 2011, will go on sale across Europe during summer 2012. The page refers to it as the latest in a long line of dual-sport bikes which include the XL series. So, is this going to be a useable...
  9. Sprockets and gearing for continental trip

    Dominator / FMX
    Apologies in advance as this has probably been covered before, but I can't seem to get the search to pull it up. I find that my Vigor cruises most comfortably at 65 to 67MPH. It will pull 90MPH if you hold on long enough, but my mechanical sympathy has only lead me to do that once. Even at 70MPH...
  10. Team ZX1

    Anyone else used this lube... What is Extralube ZX1 Just dropped some in oil & fuel on my TA700 (5.5k mls) and took it for a run. Got mine from Halford £20/250ml, but hopefully get that back in fuel economy. So far... Bike seems quieter (less general noise / vibration) Smoother...
  11. 600 frame bridge piece wanted for Going Naked project

    I found I do not have a a frame bridge piece for my project 600 TA obviously taken off by a previous owner and lost. The picture shows the bit, it fits under the airbox trunk and bolts to both top frame rails. The same bit, with different part numbers, was used on all 600 TA's from 88 to 2000...
  12. For Sale: Frank Thomas armasort jacket

    For Sale / Wanted
    Size is xxl and it has very long arms and short body - bit like a bomber jacket. Would say is shower proof not fully waterproof. Has been used, but perfectly useable. 2 breast pockets outside and 2 outside hand pockets. 2 inside zip pockets on left side (as you wear it) Its fitted...
  13. Wanted: centre stand for RD07A

    For Sale / Wanted
    as per the title...... must be in useable condition. Ta Sean
  14. For Sale: 1991 DR 350 Bits (Complete bike)

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hi all, I have regretably had to dismantle a project bike due to space issues, at the moment I have a complete DR in the boot of an audi A6!!! The bits for sale are: Complete plastic set, Tank, side panels, front and back mudguards. Could do with a respray. Throttle assembly (throttle...
  15. Advice needed on transalp wheels

    Hi and thanks for looking. i bought a 1995 transalp 600 recently.It had a number of issues[which was why it was cheap!]the motor was good,but it was all a bit tatty around the edges.i have sourced some better plastics ,and a more useable exhaust through the esteemed pages of this forum...
  16. For Sale: Transalp Breaking 1992 Model

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have some bits and pieces from a '92 Transalp. The bike had been sitting around for a long time and one of my mates rescued it, removed most of the plastics and turned it into a rather fetching rat bike. Sadly the chain snapped at high speed and cracked the crankcase just in front of the front...
  17. For Sale: Tool Tubes waterproof 'MONSTER SIZE !'

    For Sale / Wanted
    On my travels with work, ive purchased some industrial/military heavy duty storage tubes. These have been used and have some scuff/scratch marks, but have been cleaned and look fine. They are waterproof - i have tested them all and all ok. They have a screw on lid with an internal sealing...
  18. For Sale: Transalp parts clearout

    For Sale / Wanted
    Having sold my '89 Transalp I am having a clearout of my spares.These are for the early square headlight model 600 Alp. Plastic toolbox that bolts to rear subframe £5.00 Honda plastic baseplate for the rack,£5.00 Screen,Honda,33cm tall,a few minor scratches £10.00 Left hand fairing...
  19. For Sale: Honda XL600LMF Twin Headlamp

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    NOW SOLD (18/07/2010) I have a "C reg, 1986? I think" (Twin Headlamp) XL600LMF which has been lurking in the back of my garage for some time. I've now decided to sell this bike. I bought for restoration in the future, well aware that these twin headlamp models are now getting rare...
  20. Making your own foam airfilter...?

    Mechanical Advice
    I like life-time air filters, I don't want to fiddle endlessly with carb settings, especially now I have the baffle out of the Arrow hence no K&N this time. So, I bought a sheet of 2-stage airfilter foam, and I will make a re-useable airfilter using my old filter's body with the paper element...