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  1. Transalp fuel useage

    Hi I have been struggling with heavy fuel useage for a while. I must admit that I'm not scared to open the throttle every once in a while. Can my fellow Transalpers please let me know what your fuel useage are, I get 220km on a 17l tank unleaded. Stiaan
  2. Gearing

    Africa Twin
    Hi there Boy's N Girls, Whats ya thoughts on gearing for the RD04, I havent looked at what my combo is at the mo but would like your thoughts and advice. My bike is doing 4k rpm at 60mph I think its reving too high. I know it depends on what your doing with the...
  3. Hi from west yorkshire ..........

    I'd like to introduce myself....................
    Hi i have owned a transalp xl600v for a number of years stunning bike for everyday useage it fits in nicely with my other bikes, im going to enjoy this site......:thumbup:
  4. oil burner crf250x

    Mechanical Advice
    Howdy. My 2005 crf250x is using oil. Its not visually burning it but its a worry in the back of my mind when im out trail riding as i`m always taking "top up" oil with me. The bike runs well / sweet and has plenty of power. Ive checked out other posts on general topic search about this and the...
  5. Advice for a newbie?

    CRF - New Forum!
    Hi Guys, first post so be gentle and excuse anything too newbish! I'm thinking of plumping up for either a CRF450x or a 250x, not 100% decided on which as yet. I'm an ex-motocrosser, so am happy enough with riding the things on the off-road stuff but it's day-to day useage is going to be my...
  6. Nature over nurture ?

    I was just wondering exactly how much of a "beasting" the Transalp is able to cope with before it becomes too much of a risk to take on ? Researching the 'life story's of some bikes reveals some very hard use, admittedly, supported by regular servicing & replacement of broken/worn out...
  7. Glad the engine is tough

    Africa Twin
    As I checked my oil the other day, and there was nothing showing on the dipstick. :shock: Well, the tiniest little line of oil could be seen on the 'Min' line. I have absoutely no idea what happened - it was given an oil change when I came back from my JoGLE trip/before Salisbury and was fine...