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  1. Kitchen utensils which can also be employed in the garage

    In a quest for efficiency in financial outlay and tool storage in my household there has always been potential for developing a range of multi-purpose tools suitable for the kitchen and garage. Previous success stories include the turkey baster/brake fluid extractor, and the controversial...
  2. Travel list

    Hi, I am leaving Northampton in mid September and riding down to Malaga via France taking about 7 days or so. Its a one way journey. I am travelling alone(hoping to maybe meet some riders along the way) I am compiling a list of things to take. I only have my tank bag(expandable lidl one) a...
  3. Important Rider Information

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, The Dingle bunkhouse bookings are in Post number 3 below from: R559 to: 52.129597,-10.452511 - Google Maps Dunquin Dun Chaoin Hostel - Dunquin, Ireland - Hostel Review Dunquin Hostel is located in Dunquin, a small town on the western tip of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland's...
  4. TLD Accom Dingle

    The Longest Day
    Hi All, The Dingle bunkhouse bookings at present are: NB. All prices are in Euros, the exchange rate is 1 to 1 (says the bloke living in Germany with a BIG smile on his face) so a €22.00 cost will mean a £22.00 transfer to the TLD account. Twin- €70.00- Mr & Mrs Palerider...