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  1. 2010 700 stutter/miss off tickover

    it stuttered and went to one pot at the traffic lights yesterday then cleared and was OK .rode it tonight and it is intermittent between tickover and 3000 rpm stuttering and going to one pot then clearing. i thought plugs and caps would be a good start but i am struggling to identify the caps...
  2. What an utter [email protected]!

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  3. National 2013 Trail Ride

    National Meets
    Thanks to Mudwiz and Ralph for joining me on a trail ride last Saturday. Me and Ralph on suitable big trail bikes, 950 SE and XRV750.......and Mad Mudwiz on a completely unsuitable "Road Bike", Vara 1000 with K60's. Nutter. Photos are better than words any day. Enjoy.
  4. 600 st st st stutter

    Got a 96 600 which has an annoying stutter when cruising at 40 to 50 mpg. Starts fine , ticks over fine pulls like a train . Ive cleaned and gapped the plug, tappets etc and new fuel every couple of days. Any ideas . Daz
  5. nutter

    check out the guy selling the xl500 tuned twinshock crosser on e bay at mo,read the q&a section at the end of listing very funny.its the listing with the guy with beard instead of bike.item number 110857354708
  6. Cor! Look at that.

    Just realised I've got past 5,000 posts. Mind, most of them have been utter drivel. :D 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  7. This makes my blood boil!

    What a complete and utter TO$$ER. I've no problem with this idiot risking his own brainless life, but to take a 3 year old on the tank and ride like a fuc£in idiot is just insane. I hope he is locked up for a long time (he'll get off with a slapped hand I bet!!) My hope is, that the general...
  8. Utter disrespect....

    My missus did her CBT in the summer and finally she now got her 1st bike, a 2006 Honda CG125. So this afternoon we went for a tootle, i expected her to ride slow since this was the 1st time out since 5 hours CBT back in June. So in true 'instructor style' i rode trying to watch her back, and...
  9. <Sigh> Why are some people such utter F&*^%g [email protected]^£s?

    Riding home this evening on my normal route some @rse clearly with mental issues tried to force me into the path of oncoming traffic...twice! I was filtering down the middle of 2 lanes up to a set of lights, only maybe 6 or 7 cars waiting. As I got to the 3rd car from the front the lights...