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  1. Keyless ignition

    Dominator / FMX
    Keyless ignition, how to do it . . . Thought I'd offer an idea that I've used on my dommie for the last year and I really like it. Keyless RFID ignition. It cost me less than £50 to do and has been utterly reliable in daily use. After losing my key, I decided to ditch the key operated ignition...
  2. The spirit of the law

    Seems to me that any excuse to get around the "spirit of the law" is currently in vogue - Sign error on M42 motorway may mean speeding let-off. If the signs were clearly indicating the speed limit currently in force, what does it matter that the font used on the display was not strictly...
  3. WTF is going on ?

    Chums ... And Fellow Earthlings ... Unless I'm very much mistaken ... The Evil Hedge Fund managers are clamouring, buying up short-term Greek debt, to turn a profit on it when the Greek economy gets bailed-out by the rest of the EU. Therefore, US, UK and EU tax payers will, in effect, be...
  4. Hemingway Adventurers or Utterly Nutterly!

    Came home last night, just north of Loch Torridon, for a jolly cycle event around Applecross on Saturday. Awoke this morning to these sort of conditions: The kinda stuff you need to stand leaning 10 degrees into the wind to stay upright. Walking back to the house, spotted this intrepid...
  5. Utterly, Totally.

    Utterly, Totally excited now !!. The XRV National is only two days away. :blob2::blob2::blob2::blob2:. Bike is ready, Me and Nursey are ready, cant sleep................... YEHAAAAAAAAA. :blob3::blob3::blob3::D:D:D:D.