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  1. CB500X Adventure - the new Transalp?

    i called into the Ace Cafe today - it was 'Adventure and Overland' day or something like that. I had a look at Rally Raid Products' "CB500X Adventure" and it's a great looking bike - possibly a (non-official) successor to the Transalp with a parallel twin motor in the same way that the Africa...
  2. First Impressions of the new Africa Twin CRF1000L

    Africa Twin
    For those of you that are still "on the fence" wondering about the new Africa Twin CRF1000L, I thought I'd put together a first impressions write up. I've had my bike on order since 7th November 2014, and finally collected it this morning. Today was a particularly crap day here in East Sussex...
  3. What would you suggest,

    My 17 yr old son is heading off to technical college next week to go and study for 4 years to be a bike mechanic. I have already bought him his first bike for when he takes his test in July when he turns 18...DT125 YPVS He has told me that he is allowed to take a project bike into school to work...
  4. For Sale: honda transalp 1994 l reg

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    sold can admin please remove ..thanks honda transalp 600, its an 1994 model l reg imported from Italy in 2007 so the mileage is in kilometers. bike is great for touring and the engine pulls like a train when its fully loaded. So if your interested in long comfortable touring or even a bit of off...
  5. Fuel Can + Leo Vince Decat too LOUD!!!

    Has anyone else got a Fuel can and a decat pipe fitted to their 700? I fiited both to mine last weekend (at the same time) and went for a ride and it seemed loudish but not too bad. But today for the first time I rode to work and it's nothing short of obnoxious in terms of volume. It's...
  6. Transalp Transformed !!!!

    Hi everyone, just thought I would pop my head in and let you all know how things have progressed with my new XL700 Tranny. I was happy with it from scratch but didn't like the hunting about on the throttle at cruise on the motorway. I was also not to happy with the GIANT exhaust collector box...
  7. V-Twin model engine...

    Africa Twin
    V-Twin engine model from Haynes: Haynes V-Twin Motorcycle Engine: Toys & Games Might get one :)
  8. Insperational XLV 750R precurser to all V twin bigtrailies and the RS750 NXR750

    The inspiration: '84 Honda RS750 By the mid-1980s, the name Honda was synonymous with winning almost every style of racing in the world. There was one type of American racing that eluded Honda, though: dirt track. American Honda began...
  9. For Sale: 15% off Silkolene Bike Oils - Limited time only

    For Sale / Wanted
    For a limited time only, Opie Oils are giving an additional 15% Off there already discounted Silkolene Bike Oils. To get the additional 15% simply enter voucher code SILKOLENE15 at the Opie Oils checkout. Below are just a few examples of popular Silkolene bike oils with the discount...
  10. nice xlv 750r on e bay uk

    I just spotted this maybe someone on hear is looking for one . I think they have a bit of a following . I wouldn't mind it my self . I seen one on a French plate at a rally in 1990 it blew past us on the way at a great speed on a narrow bumpy country road the thing could shift and the bloke was...
  11. Transalp Newbie

    Just picked up this 02 TA, been hiding in a garage for the last 8 years, managing all of 300 miles in that time (12 miles in last two years - MOT centre & return). Nice bike, big change from previous V-Twin: Aprilia Mille, but the old back couldn't cope anymore. Great to be back on two...
  12. For Sale: Honda Transalp XL 600 V-X 2000 50th Anniversary Model

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Honda Transalp XL 600 V-X 2000 50th Anniversary Model 40,000mi with a new engine with only 30,000mi £1800 My Visa is up and I have to return to Australia, therefore I'm selling my beloved Transalp. Collectors edition with Commemorative emblem on side of tank and on keys Liquid-cooled...
  13. transalp 600 flat tracker anyone ? e bay uk

    what do ya think ? HONDA XL 600V TRANSALP FLAT TRACKER CUSTOM V TWIN | eBay
  14. 2003 XL650 Transalp vibration

    Just picked up a clean 2003 XL650 Transalp with 26k km(16k miles). I'm experiencing a definite engine vibration, particularly on acceleration. I was just wondering if the XL650 V-Twin is a sewing machine or if the vibration is to be expected. I had a VT600 that had this same kind of vibration...
  15. So, I..

    ...Went to the doc's complaining of a big boil on me bum, and that breaking wind now sounds like a V-Twin! He told me not to worry 'cause... Abscess makes the fart go 'Honda' ;)
  16. Cowm Quarry Eduro and Moto Cross circuit 15/7/13

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Went to the free enduro practice pay and play day at Cowm Quarry Whitworth at the weekend with some lads from ABR and some others including David on the DR350 we bought off Cabbage. Mike was on his new KTM950 SE, Felco on the CRF450 and Nibby and Paul on 690 Enduros. Link to Mike's (BeddowsM...
  17. Honda V's meet the Vulcan bomber | 13 May 2013

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Never, has so much been been owed by so many, to so few...:D Left to Right: Honda Ascot (500cc v-twin), RD07, RD04, RD07a, Crosstourer, RD07, RD07a, Transalp 650, Varadero, Transalp 650
  18. 750 @ engine a step to far?

    Found this interesting site which charts the history of the 52 degree engine from VT500 to XRV750. Curious on your views on the following quote from this site; It has been broadly claimed, that the most effective use of the V-Twin 52o engine, is for the middle cubism motorbikes and that...
  19. Journalistic licence

    When does journalistic licence become total b*ll*cks? The reason I ask is that I came across some total nonsense when doing some Googling about for my AT camshaft details thread*. I was actually looking to see if I could find a power/torque curve for the Honda VT750 Shadow as it shares a...
  20. Coffee making - the basics . . . . .

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Well, having lived at this end of the island for nearly 25 years, today rates as one of the bestest days out on a bike that I’ve had the pleasure to experience whilst in the vicinity of the west coast. The weather was not seasonable, as you’ll see in the photo’s, so sunshine combined with clear...