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  1. Opinion and Advice....

    Hi, New member to this group as I was looking for some advice and this looked like the best place to get it :-) I'm interested in this 1987 Transalp...
  2. Wanted: Wanted Varadero 1000 front wheel

    For Sale / Wanted
    Anyone got a front wheel from a non abs model v1/v2 varadero 1000? Colour doesn't matter. Cheers Garry Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  3. Varadero 125 rejetting

    hi i have a honda varadero 125 v1, My exhaust rotted out, and my air filter had a hole init, so in my haste. I went out and got a venom full exhaust and a performance air filter. i have tried for weeks to get the carb set right but its having non of it. i can get it close but its still not how...
  4. For Sale: 650 TA seat and spring

    For Sale / Wanted
    I have a 650 Transalp seat which is surplus to requirements and a hyperpro uprated spring Seat Good condition £45 plus P&P Spring new and unused £85 new £45 plus P&P
  5. For Sale: Bits and bobs

    For Sale / Wanted
    Have some bits and bobs for sale as Ive cleared out my garage Heavy duty 21" inner tube £12 posted Harlvarssons Fokker Trousers Great comfy trousers but too big for me nowadays 40" waist and Im 5 ft 11 and good enough for a bit taller on the inside leg Heres the spec Halvarssons Fokker trousers...
  6. For Sale: Possibly of interest

    For Sale / Wanted
    Some may be on the look out for half tidy set of panniers I have these for sale Darr Ali panniers There is no key for the locks but can be locked with a padlock. Think they are approx. 40l capacity and were fine for me on my old XT. Only reason Im selling them is I have givi on the Transalp and...
  7. A fab day out on a fab trail

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Met up with Cabbage to go for a great trail ride, like being back in the good ol days Only this time its peddle power !! Took on the skyline trail from Glyncorrwg a marvellous 30 mile loop... although only could do 20 miles due to a section being closed. Starts with a nice lung busting climb for...
  8. hardly a report

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    Had a great day out today with Cabbage and took a couple of snaps for the memory:D Guess this is the best place to put a pic or two A fine picnic spot on the right day My Grandson at least is very happy with Bampi's bike
  9. It is what it is !

    Doh.... No 5 comes alive
  10. Blue XL650V1 2001 UK - (E) part numbers

    Any of you knowledgeable ones able to explain to me how to deduce which colour corresponds to the Transalp parts secret code ? I seek the knowledge of blue bodywork for an XL650V1 2001 UK model ... body bits 19 & 20, as shown above (grrr ... f'in'reversin'4wd'ers).
  11. For Sale: 09 Tenere

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    OK so after deliberation with wife, funds available and my own feeling s for this bike, I am deciding to advertise it on a couple of forums to see what happens. Basically its an 09 XT660Z Tenere It has 3100 miles on, is taxed and MOTd till November Extras are Touratech handguards Heated grips...
  12. Side Panels for Varadero

    Hi Guys, My bike has taken a tumble, not at my hands, and the right hand fairing is a steaming knacker. Aside from a chap in Germany I can't seem to find anything on the net. The bike is an XL1000 V1/2. Has anyone replaced the main side fairing on one of their bikes? and how much did it cost...
  13. Yes it is

    So no more Yamaha's meant no more old ones.............. but a new one well now thats something Ive wanted for a while. Awesome and well chuffed
  14. Hepco luggage on Trax Evo Racks.

    Africa Twin
    I got some Trax racks because the hepco ones were like double the price here locally. Its all fine and dandy because the Trax racks have a kit to mount the HB luggage. It seems my luggage locks (to the frame) has been replaced with padlock type locks and things are a little different to the...
  15. foldig gear leaver for a 650 - need to check before splashing oot

    sorry if this have been done to death but could anyone confirm that a folding lever for a CR80 will fit a V1 650. Looking at this one: SUNLINE MOTOCROSS MX ALLOY GEAR LEVER SHIFTER folding tip HONDA CR 80 85 96-07 | eBaya :thumbup:
  16. Show us your Transalp

    Guess seeing as how I keep getting them it could be fun to have a thread dedicated to the Transalp. Maybe some of your fav pics to be immortalised on XRV My first was my Longest Day Day bike the first JoG to LE My second was a cheapy , but still took me around the Pyrenees and a few UK tours...
  17. Sidepanel lug fix

    Bodgers Corner
    These lugs snap so easily and have one missing on the TA and thought I would try and get someting done to help keeping it in place. Heres the one that needed looking at And this is where it flaps about loose Small bolt looks like it will fit Used a Urethane adehesive given to me by a mate...
  18. For Sale: Textile trousers 2XL

    For Sale / Wanted
    Got these Halversonns "Fokker" I think they were called and they are 2XL. They are for "big people" and havent fitted me since my gall stones escapade. They are 40/42" waist with comfort!! And the leg was always long on me and Im 33" inside leg and 5'11" so would be suitable for + 6'.. as long...
  19. I am Number 4

    Been a while since the last but these bikes have some form of magnetism with me.......... weird!! Mind some of its to do with what you can get with limited available funds. After chatting to Cabbage about his new/old Tenere it was nearly one of them, Twins were out of the price range and...
  20. For Sale: Suzuki DR350

    Bikes For Sale / Wanted
    Selling the little DR as its not my bag R reg 350 SEW model Im the 3rd owner and have all paperwork it came with from Taylor Racing in Chippenham MOT/Tax till Sept has original hand book Fitted with genuine Suzuki rear rack MT21s fitted with 800 miles use mileage currently 4600, but will go up...