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  1. What is this?

    Without wanting to open myself up to scorn can anyone please tell me what this is? I think it's an automatic chain oiler but as my St1100 is a shaft drive I've never seen one? I have just picked up a 650V4 Transalp and is on the chain side of the bike but it looks empty- I don't even know where...
  2. Dirtquake

    Had a great weekend at Dirtquake which takes place at the Adrian Flux arena in Kings Lynn, loads of nutters on everything from scooters to 1100 sports bikes and choppers racing around a speedway track, few serious racers having a go too , Guy Martin, Carl Foggarty, Steve Plater, Gary Johnston...
  3. Clutch fluid reservoir location

    I have recently changed my brake pads, and fluid in all the lines and was wandering can someone point me in the direction of clutch fluid reservoir so I can change that as well. Many thanks Queasy P.S. It's honda transalp xl 650 V4
  4. For Sale: for sale transalp xl650V4 exhaust ( original) and SW Motech bash plate

    For Sale / Wanted
    £50 each posted £50 each posted
  5. Transalp XL650 V4 2004 HISS question

    Transalp Technical Specs
    Hi all, just bought the above, insurers are asking me which version of HISS I have, and I don't have a clue, neither does the internet by the look of it! Any ideas how to find out so I can get it insured? Many thanks and I am guessing this will be the first of many questions...
  6. Satnav / Navigator / GPS choice?

    Bike Comms & Audio
    I'm in the progress of buying a new Satnav. I think I narowed it down to either the Garmin Zumo 390LM or the TomTom Rider V4. Or are the others out there? Any drawbacks on any of the two contenders? Cheers, Kjell
  7. Best / Correct oil for XL125V V4

    What is the best oil and correct viscosity for the varadero 125 V4 please?
  8. 2013 - riding bikes and cycles - my pics per month

    Hi all, I have made a little video of my two wheeled action in 2013 - cycling and motorcycling. check it out if you want. 2013 on 2 wheels - YouTube thx Lars
  9. the unridables

    Coming to a telly near you in June on ITV4 for the fans of the old 2stroke racers The Unrideables - YouTube
  10. Transalp 650

    Hi all Im going to be in the market to buy a transalp soon (Jan, Feb time) and just wandering what if any differences are there between the different years i.e. V4,V5,V6 etc Is it just cosmetic or have there been any changes to the engine ? Thanks Chris
  11. Transalp Chain

    Quick the Honda genuine chain/sprocket (full) set the same for a 2004 (V4) Transalp, as for a 2002 (V2) model? I'm assuming genuine is about the best available ... if not, what? Thanks Huw
  12. Dambusters on TV

    On ITV4 now the ride will over the Spring bank holiday details to follow
  13. New V4 Africa Twin.

    OK it has weight and clearance issues, but you should see what this baby could do with knobblies! On the way down it was too steep in parts to park it in first gear with the engine off.. :confused:
  14. XL650 V4 - rough running on neutral throttle

    Hi All My 2004 650 TA suddenly developed "character" on Friday. It's fine at tickover or on the power, but on a neutral throttle at normal road speeds I can feel it surging and fading. It's not enough to change the sound of the engine, but I can really feel bike struggling. It's most apparent...
  15. new honda v4 with shaft drive has been seen

    Africa Twin
    hi peeps google new honda v4 1200 and check it out i guess that they may use the motor and drive unit on a adventure bike maybe or maybe not who knows.
  16. New honda v4

    I know it's been speculated and talked about in the past but reading MCN online a minute a go it appears it's looking like it's going to be a new VFR1200 New Honda V4 will be VFR1200 - | Motorbike reviews | Latest Bike Videos | MCN Honda boss says new V4 will be ‘a new breed of bike' - |...
  17. 12V power adapter V4 Transalp

    Is this old news???? In preparation for a trip to Spain & France in June, i decided to fit the 12V power adapter to my 05 V4 Transalp. Simple enough...... With the adapter fitted i'm slightly perplexed as to why a genuine honda accessory is as useless as this one once fitted? Correct me if...
  18. V4 AFRICA ?

    Africa Twin
    ok silly thought...... but i have been looking at how to get the old beast to go a bit quicker, am doing 2,000 miles a month (for work), lots of motorways as well as dirt tracks... have geared it up as far as i dare. and am now looking at shoe-horning a VFR800 lump into the bike, we have...