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  1. DID 525 v8 chain

    Africa Twin
    What's the closest chain which matches the DID 525 V8 Chain It's a standard genuine chain for the at. It's got smaller links compared to the DID 525 vx
  2. Transalp 700 - what to look for when buying s/h

    Hi all! My friend is thinking of buying an XL700V8 with 10,000ish km. What are the known problems to look for? I will obviously check output shaft since I presume it is similar to the 650, but is there anything else to check? That is, apart from cosmetic things like rust on frame and scratches...
  3. Original chain

    Africa Twin
    Where could I buy an original did 525 oring v8 chain from. Just the chain without the sprockets Or does anyone know the part number
  4. Sold: DID heavy duty chain 525 v8 and 124 links for africa twin

    For Sale / Wanted
    Hardly worn 3000 miles only taken off due to buying a DID 525 zvm-x chain was going to keep as replacement but maybe more beneficial to someone on here price £30 including postage
  5. traktor bike

    Other Bikes
  6. DID XRING V8 chain link ?

    Africa Twin
    It apears ive got a genuine Honda DID chain on the old bird , think its a DID 525 xv8 chain , im after a split link does anyone know were i can get one , the main stealers sorry dealers ;)want just over a tenner WTF ...
  7. Garmin GPS-V maps update V8, read this.

    Hi, I know some of you have a Garmin GPS-V. As of the end of february, the new map update is available. In addidtion to this the CitySelect is replaced by City Navigator. So City Navigator V8 will replace City Select V7. Now, some people have installed the CN8 maps, and the problems begin. The...