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  1. Boxing Day meet Whitminster Inn M5 J 13

    Meet Ups / Rideouts
    as title Boxing Day meet Whitminster Inn M5 J 13 from 11 on see more although organised by vintage club all ages of machines and riders welcome, weather supposed to be good. Its a stand and natter/view bikes etc. Many make it the target of their Boxing Day...
  2. Fear and Loathing in Cricklewood

    Africa Twin
    Don't think I ever posted this here... 14th June 2003 It’s thirty degrees in the shade and I’m clad in Kevlar, Gore-Tex and leather. I’m already hot and bothered and as I enter the Willesden Junction branch of HSBC the sight of half a dozen loitering customers does little to cool me down. I’m...
  3. sooo...what's the deal with AT's ??

    Africa Twin
    i've got a dominator at the moment and its that seasonal time when i look around for another bike(i do it every year but still have the dommie). this time i have been looking more intently on africa twins. i have been told of a fairly local elderly gentleman who has an early rd03 or 04 that he's...
  4. Win a Trip for Two to MotoGP: Austin at the Circuit of the Americas

    The 2014 MotoGP season is nearly upon us, and we're offering our readers a chance to watch stars like the reigning World Champion Marc Marquez, former champion Jorge Lorenzo or the legendary Valentino Rossi race live in the 2014 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Simply...
  5. Saying hello - new owner of 2000 Honda XR400RY

    Afternoon All, Just saying hello, have bought a 2000 Honda XR400RY (800 miles only) for continuing my education with the Loddon Vale TRF guys.:thumbup: Have been riding a 1973 XL250 Motorsport for a couple of years and wanted to get a little more modern and something better for my stature at...
  6. dominator vs 12 ktm's,2 xr's, 4 quads and a gs

    Ride Reports and Pictures
    i got invited, bullied (in a nice way!) to a local enduro/cross-country/off-road event at the weekend. a friend has been asking me for ages to tag along in one of their jaunts. so i thought why not? i was surrounded mainly by ktm's. a couple of xr's, four quads and a lonely gs rider (decided to...
  7. in-helmet headphones/earphones illegal?

    entering the valencia motogp campsite last month, a bike traffic cop gestured that i should remove my earphones( wires coming out under the helmet). i stopped and asked him why and he said its illegal (in spain). i had it for mp3 and sat-nav. is it the same in the uk? does that mean ear-plugs...
  8. my dommie seat mod

    Dominator / FMX
    i'm SUPPOSED to be in morocco by now but thats another story.(work always gets in the way of pleasure). i've modified my seat in preparation (jinxed it probably). i was given an old KLR seat. i used the rear flat part as i decided the main problem as not enough width on the seat for support. i...
  9. Brits

    Crutchlow 3rd :blob2: Redding 2nd :blob2: & the 'honorary Brit'... Valentino was 1st :blob2:
  10. 46

    Finishing off the best day of the year, Valentino Rossi gives us some blisteringly entertaining laps at the end of the Qatar GP. Well done Vale, P2 well deserved. Well done Marques in P3 with a stunning move on Valentino 3 laps from the end. Well done Cal Crutchlow. Lets hope the rest of the...
  11. 125 adventure bike anyone

    spares or repair/non runner/field bike/valentino rossi | eBay
  12. A rack & fuel carrier...from a couple of chairs...

    Bodgers Corner
    Mrs RodYork is still waiting for the valentines day present. Before I give it to her:eek:, I thought I would run it past you guys first...dutch courage & all that. If I dont come back to you, then send out a search party...the clues in the name...and i'm a libran who may have run out of lives!
  13. Valentines day

    Jay didnt get me chocolates or flowers this year. Not even a card I got something even better How cool are those, hopefully not cool at all, my fingers are going to be just toastie going to work
  14. Xlr 125 project winter

    Hi everybody :) I'm new to this forum and thought I'd say hi. I have a 2001 Honda xlr and thought I'd start a small progress thread. I know it's not an old xl but thought this was the best part o the forum to post in. I will upload some pics when I get near my computer but so far as the...
  15. Newbe and question

    Hi All, New to the forum but not new to the Transalp - have owned one since about 2002 but due to life getting in the way, haven't really ridden it since 2005. Strange I know but that's a long story best told over a beer. Now I live in Spain (Moraira between Alicante and Valencia) at the...
  16. Rossi to leave Ducati

    Seems that this was inevitable really - Rossi leaving Ducati So, back to Yamaha then? Edit: Apparently so. 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is absolutely free! | Watch free live sex cam - easy as 1-2-3
  17. any tips for touring on a dommie?

    Dominator / FMX
    hi, i would love to do some long distance rides on my '01 dommie but have been slighty aprehensive. i live in southern spain and had the chance to go to the valencia gp with some friends but chickened out at the 5 hour(taking it easy) ride. my main doubt is the seat. has anyone modified their...
  18. Maintenance/service time!

    The Alp has had a leaky rear rocker gasket for a while now, the replacement has sat in a bag in the garage for the last 9 months..... It is not unusual for these to start leaking with use/age - normally at the rear of the rear cylinder. The gaskets are not bad at about £14 (inc vat) I took an...
  19. European Breakdown Cover for 15yr old bike

    Hi, I keep seeing small print on the breakdown companies saying there is no cover for vehicles over 15 years old. My @ is 15 at the end of the month.Which companies do you guys use who have older bikes like myself. Got a one way trip to Malaga in September and need cover, last time I did it on a...
  20. Hate burglars...but...

    I'm glad there is one out there who burgled this guys house :) Rapist Valentine Barnett caught 25 years after attack by DNA sample | Mail Online Never pay again for live sex! | Hot girls doing naughty stuff for free! | Chat for free!