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  1. Transalp
    Hi all I've been lurking in this forum for a few months, bought an xl700 transalp three weeks ago and enjoying it, living in Welshest Wales helps a lot, went for a spin up the Elan valley yesterday and had great fun despite appalling weather. Jon
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    I went out on the trails in the Rhymney Valley today. It was very slippery in places with leaves covering the ground so you had to guess what was underneath. Coming down one trail I hit a patch of mud and had to have a lie-down but can you see what's wrong in this piccie (apart from me...
  3. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Guys and Galls, Can anyone tell me which group serves the South Oxfordshire region as different people have different views on what region they are in. IE is South Oxfordshire - South, South east, South Midlands, Chilterns, Thames Valley etc. All these could apply, so please, which one do I fit...
  4. Great Roads/Routes
    I was in the Elan Valley this weekend, and spotted this TRO notice at one end of the Monk's Trod. It states that this TRO expired in November 2011. Does anyone have up-to-date information about the restrictions on the trail? Iain
  5. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    Hi all, Any one up for a ride out this Sunday:D 25th July Either meon valley Scenic route so slowish back roads upto Alton and back via basingstoke/Alesford. Or upto sailsbury accross Forest then over to zig zag hill and down to Blandford and back via cranbourne and Alderholt. Really...
  6. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Sorry chaps, not a ride report but I HAD to tell those who know the country round Rhyader about this. Yet another person has had the idea of selling Welsh tap water to Londoners with too much money and yesterday in a restaurant a waiter put a bottle containing what I strongly suspect came from...
  7. Great Roads/Routes
    Whilst at the Cat & Fiddle on Sunday We decided to ride down into the Goyte Valley but the sign said 'Derbyshire Bridge only'. Is this road closed? Gues we could have gone to find out but carried on over Axe Edge.
  8. Travel
    2009_092.jpg[/img][/url] Had a blast round Utah and California on a Harley for 60th, Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Zion National Park the highlights, the latter was mind blowing.
  9. Meet Ups / Rideouts
    anyone interested in riding a couple of trails around tywyn, cada idris in November? preferably a Sunday? I'll be on my unfaithfull AT with it's new chain, maybe some tools and a handy tow rope just incase! Kev.
  10. Ride Reports and Pictures
    after a poor start, more research to do on one lane, it appears to be a rather large pheasant pen at one end with an electric fence!!! things settled down nicely south of tywyn in happy valley Some nice rides only had one issue that was with the gate on the narrow lane, poor ground and no run...
  11. Africa Twin
    hi folks this weekend is the Amman Valley 1/2 mile race theres all sorts of bikes racing, from my hawk 650, and jon lees hordpower special, to works CCM's and ex AMA xr750 harley davidsons. all of europes top racers will be there, so there will be plenty of action to watch!!!. more details can...
  12. Ride Reports and Pictures
    Just been out for a quick ride around the Elan Valley Dams.:D Best time to see them is after a lot of rain.:toothy2: All the Dams are overflowing.:fish: Went along the Trail along the side of The Claerwen Reservoir, but 6.3 miles in, came across this: I thought if you follow...
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Hi, Has anyone been trail riding around the Elan Valley area of Wales. I intend heading out that way for a spot of camping and trail riding sometime in May. There seem to be many good trails like this one Has anyone ridden it? Or know of any other trails in the area that are manageable on a TA...
1-13 of 13 Results