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valve cover

  1. XL650 V6 Valve Covers

    The Haynes manual 3919 says that the inlet valves are covered by a cover and the exhaust valve is covered by a cap. My bike seems to have covers for both. Is that normal, maybe an evolution towards the 700? My bike is a 2007, so the last year of the 650.
  2. gasket replacement advice needed

    i am going to try to put a new valve cover gasket on my TA600 having never changed an engine gasket before, can anyone offer any advice??
  3. Check your starters

    Africa Twin
    Took off exhaust pipes to clean and polish them and to change valve cover gaskets which are leaking. Why not to check starter while everything is stripped I thought and here is why I saw :tard:
  4. Valve cover gasket change ... what's the brown stuff?

    Africa Twin
    I'm changing the valkvew cover gasket on the back cylinder, and I noticed this brown stuff on the old gasket and on the metal. So 2.5 questions immidiately formed in my mind: 1. Do I need anything apart from a new gasket to do this? I mean, like a sealant or something .. 2. Do I need to clean...