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  1. Spotted - a Vanvan in disguise

    But even I knew straight away what it was. Seen in Ridgemount Street London in the snow today...
  2. Hitler finds out I borrowed his Suzuki Vanvan

    This video is in no way aimed at my wife Helen, who happens to own a suzuki vanvan. Hitler finds out I borrowed his Suzuki RV125 - YouTube
  3. Is it to be a Vanvan or a YBR125?

    OK, so my bike buying dilemma has almost come to a close. I'd finally decided to go for a lovely blue & white Vanvan, almost new (1,100 miles) and VERY shiny, that was going in my local bike shop. A combination of not-bike-friendly weather and huge workload had kept me away from the shop, but...
  4. For Sale: Suzuki RV125 VanVan 2005

    For Sale / Wanted
    My wifes VanVan is for sale. It´s an K5, 05 reg with less than 1600 miles on the clock. It´s been over in Spain for the last 18 months so hasn´t suffered the ravages of UK winters. It´s in excellent overall condition, the only bad bit is a rust patch on the rear wheel rim caused by the previous...