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  1. Vendor Rules

    Vendor Deals
    1. Any and all commercial posting on the forum requires vendor credentials to do so. This includes: A business name Usernames, business information in your Signatures and or Avatars, soliciting in private message, and any and all commercial posting in threads. Failure to sign up as a vendor...
  2. Vara 1000 Seat required

    Following some moronic behavious by a deckhand on Irish Ferries earlier in the week, I now need a replacement seat for my 2005 Vara! XL1000 V4 The stupid eedjit overtightened the ratchet strap in spite of being told not to.... and snapped the base plate so that it does not take my weight...
  3. Bar Brace

    Does anybody use a handle bar brace on their Varadero? Looking for a vendor, thanks.
  4. Africa Twin Vendors

    Africa Twin
    Forgive me is this is a duplicate but I figured I'd start a list (assuming one doesn't already exist) of AT vendors. Gonna keep it simple - name, website, country, brief description taken from their website (I figure the descriptions could do with some sharpening up but as a starting point I've...
  5. RD03 Rear Carrier Rack

    Africa Twin
    Some time ago, I recall seeing replica rear carrier racks on eBay If memory serves me. I did a search recently and cannot find anything. Anyone know of a vendor that has these. I have the plastic panel. I'm looking for the carrier rack itself. Cheers M
  6. AT Marathon Replica Panels on eBay

    Africa Twin
    Just came across these on eBay. Anyone have any comments on the vendor? I wonder what the quality would be in comparison to Boano...... The photos don't instil confidence from what I can make out, but thought I'd post for comments. honda africa marathon | eBay
  7. Legal People ..Help

    Hi everyone a couple of months ago i got parts of my @ refurbished,Due to crossed wires the job was not fully done.However after a few emails it was agreed that i would get a refund of part of the original quote.This was agreed on the 8th of March 2011 and to date i have not recievied the agreed...
  8. dynojets not fitting

    Africa Twin
    I have a 94AT and recently wanted to tune-up the carbs. I ordered new gaskets and dynojet kits for the bike but nothing seems to fit. I have verified with the vendor that the parts are correct for my year of bike. Has anyone else had this problem? Can I verify that the carbs were not...
  9. A Big thankyou to fabienlegall

    I would like to make a big and public thankyou to fabienlegall. I had some problems with a french ebay vendor recently which involved me claiming some money back from them. After an out of the blue request from me fabien read all the correspondence,contacted the seller by phone,then me to keep...
  10. Model Year

    Africa Twin
    After many years of dreaming now getting serious about AT ownership. Have seen what appears to be a good one here in Thailand but have suspicions wrt vendor. Claimed to be 2001 model. Frame RC071003624 Engine RD04E1010119. Any way of confiming age?:confused:
  11. What spares will I need for my XL650?

    I bought a 2007 XL650 with 15k miles last month and am planning on riding it through Mexico, Central and South America next year. It's an ex-rental bike (hence the high miles) but the vendor serviced it regularly so I'm fairly happy it's in good condition. However, I'd be grateful for some...
  12. JTS Biker Clothing

    Hi, I'm looking for some decent wet gear and was wondering if anyone have any experience with the waterproof gear sold by JTS Biker Clothing? I can't seem to find any other vendor that does reasonably priced wet gear for fat b****rds like myself! :naka: ;)
  13. Very Sad.....

    I was just about to recommend a vendor for custom seats on the BMW section of the forum but was shocked and very saddened to find when I visited his website, that he had passed away in a motorcycle accident last year. See I met Grant at Rykas last year when he came with one...
  14. More HID help needed

    Mechanical Advice
    Hi all Had my HIDs running on my AT for a few months now and they are bloody brilliant! But now i need more advice. The H4 HI/LOs get stuck on HI. I asked the vendor, Simon on ebay, (nice chap) and he recommended unscrewing the HID casing and WD40'ing the solenoid and checking the grounding...
  15. E Bay Bodyswerve

    Dominator / FMX
    Hi all Thought I would let you know what happened to me this week on E Bay. I was bidding on a set of wheels and tyres for the bike,got in touch with the vendor asking how much they wanted for them. Reply came back,looking for £140-£150,no probs,I emailed back on the Monday saying that...